In last Friday’s blog we discussed how to make a professional LinkedIn profile that helps drive business success. This week our blog looks at top tips for building a company LinkedIn Page, which further supports this goal and increases visibility of your organisation in the online space.

Your company Page is another channel for referral traffic and an opportunity to expand the reach and frequency of your communications.

Here are our top 10 tips to LinkedIn Page success:

  1. The importance of branding remains integral to online success - Add an up-to-date, high-resolution logo and a quality cover image that is compelling and relevant to your business and offering. Check that any text is readable and clear.
  2. Add the URL for your organisation’s website and check this correctly links off to the desired landing page (normally this will be your homepage).
  3. Include key phrases in the ‘specialities’ section to boost awareness of your offering and enhance performance within social search.
  4. Maintain up-to-date contact and address details, so as to ensure you are easily contactable and accessible.
  5. Write a descriptive and interesting company summary, which is in line with your other marketing channels, but keep it concise. Make sure you clearly outline what your organisation offers and what makes it unique, in order to engage your target audiences and drive business referrals. Also, be sure to include your key phrases, so that you appear within relevant LinkedIn search results and are easily found.
  6. Update the ‘products’ and ‘services’ section to showcase what you can deliver for prospective and existing customers. You can then ask your existing contacts to recommend and review these products/services, so as to allow your customers to act as brand ambassadors and build a reputable and credible brand image.
  7. Regularly post engaging status updates, complete with multimedia and links, to promote key offers, news articles, blogs, events, resources, etc.
  8. Share external content that is in line with your industry interests, as this will illustrate your broader knowledge and help to position you as a voice of authority within your sector.
  9. Be proactive and respond to comments - thank people for sharing and engaging. But, don’t feed the fire by ignoring any negative feedback or complaints - these comments need responses too (usually even more so than positive feedback).
  10. Promote your Page. Make sure your employees link to your company Page and share your updates to help endorse it to a wider audience. You can also tag users in comments (to thank them for their contribution to a blog piece for example or highlight something of interest to them).

So, now you have all the advice you need to create a dynamic and engaging LinkedIn presence, which boosts your brand awareness in a growing global network and can help drive referral traffic, enquiries, conversions, sales and, ultimately, ROI on your digital spend.

Have you seen any fantastic success stories for LinkedIn recently? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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