The Denver Broncos may have taken down the Panthers in Sunday's Super Bowl final but we couldn’t help be that little bit distracted by the million dollar ads during the half-time show ($5 million dollars this year to be exact). It might be the only time of the year we stop and watch a full ad (hello fast-forward), but after rounding up our all time favourite Super Bowl ads from the last 50 years, here are our favourites from 2016. Will any of these ads go down in Super Bowl history? Only time will tell…

#PuppyMonkeyBaby by Mountain Dew

Whether you loved it or hated it, the ‘puppy monkey baby’ ad for Mountain Dew will always be remembered. It’s no secret that animals and babies are two ingredients to highly successful Super Bowl ads - just look at Budweiser’s #LostPuppy ad and Volswagen’s ‘The Force’ ad and Mountain Dew have combined the two to make one of this years most controversial ads - puppy monkey baby.

Having not advertised during the Super Bowl for the last fifteen years, Mountain Dew had to pull out all the stops to sit alongside those who hit the big time year after year and it has certainly done that driving more than 340,000 social actions, 4.3 million views (2 million organic), and accounting for 12% of all digital activity associated with the Super Bowl. But don’t let us ramble on any longer - check it out for yourself and see if it entertains you.

Ryanville by Hyundai

The 2016 ad meter results are in and Hyundai has ranked in the top 5 with ‘Ryanville’. If you’re a Ryan Reynolds fan then swoon away, you see his face a whopping 20+ times in 45 seconds. But of course the ad has purpose - making you aware that Hyundai’s new model has emergency braking with pedestrian detection. With over 502,000 social actions, almost 11 million views, and accounting for 13% of all digital activity, check out the top performing ad in all it’s glory here.

First Dates by Hyundai

Of course this isn’t the only ad that saw Hyundai hit the big time this year, Kevin Hart helped Hyundai reach the top spot with the witty First Dates ad rocking up just over 14 million views and counting.

Restricted Bling by T-Mobile

Topping the charts with hotline bling at the end of 2015, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and become a Drake fan and T-Mobile have capitalised on this for their latest mobile ad. Taking them into third position in the Super Bowl stakes, this ad reached number 35 in USA Today’s ad rank, had 8 millions views on game day alone and accounted for 11% of all digital activity - check out the full-length ad below.

Drop the Ball by T-Mobile

Running not just the one but two ads, T-Mobile made the most of another 2015 hot topic - the Miss Universe blip. Racking up another 3 millions views for their #DropTheBall ad, this made it to a respectable number 22 in the ad rank. Thanks to Drake’s popularity and a little help from him and Steve Harvey, there has been a whopping 100 million impressions for both T-Mobile ads combined.

Well it’s all over for another year. These are just a few of our favourites and top performing ads from this year - if you’ve got any other favourites let us know over on Twitter @afterdigitaluk.