After chatting about the cool things you can do with Google a few months ago, today I’ve looked into the features of Bing you may not know about (it’s more useful than you could have imagined). Check out some of these fun, quirky features…

Bing Image Match

How many times have you been in the situation where you really like an image but the size isn’t correct and you can’t use it? It’s happened to us many times and thanks to Bing Image Match, it won’t happen again. If you have an image you want to use, you can use this platform to re-size. If you have an image that’s too small, simply go to Bing Image Match, click on the ‘Images’ and select ‘image match’ where you can upload a file or copy the link to where you image is located. This allows you to find matching images and pages which contain this image from across the web.


Bing Video Hover

If you are a video lover this is the perfect feature for you. While Google is the king of images, Bing is the perfect search engine to search for video content. The possibility to preview a short clip in a pop-up window allows you to find the right video content quicker than going to the site.

Bing Timeline

The main goal of this feature is to provide the user with more insights so they can quickly discover useful information. Simply go to Bing and search for influential or famous people and Bing will provide you with a timeline for that person. There have been timelines created for about half a million famous people and this is continually growing.

Bing Snapshot

If you are performing a search for “Barack Obama” for example, Bing automatically provides you with a small ‘snapshot’ of basic information related to him and provides more information you can click on to explore more about your query. This option opens a huge range of possibilities to find out more information about that person in particular and it includes news, imagery, biographies and quotes.

Bing Saves

We’re all guilty of opening many different tabs on our browsers and going through all these tabs can be an arduous task. Bing Save allows you to save all your favourite bookmarks locally and keep them organised in the Cloud. From there, you have the ability to click and save the link directly to Bing where you can see all your bookmarks.

Bing Rewards

This is the perfect tool for users who search on Bing daily. Bing Rewards was launched in September 2010 and principally is a platform that awards points to users who perform searches and concludes daily tasks. These points are then exchanged for various products including electronics, gift cards and a number of other things. The only disadvantage about it is it's only available in the USA and not for us in the UK (at the moment).

After Digital has been certified recently with the Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certificate. We understand the importance of having a presence on all search engines and not only Google. If you want more information about paid search on Bing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]