With a diverse range of experience in the education sector After Digital is delighted to add two new education web design projects to its portfolio for Scotland's Colleges and the City of Glasgow College Student Association.

After Digital is thrilled to continue its relationship with Scotland's Colleges, after being selected to update the organisation's web presence once again and enhance overall online performance.

Established in 2009, Scotland's Colleges is the key policy and development body for Scotland's extensive network of colleges. The collaboration brings together core sector organisations, in the hope of making a positive impact on learners within this segment.

Following work completed over two years ago with Scotland's Colleges, which brought together a number of organisations and their websites under one efficient online porthole, After Digital is pleased to continue this relationship in order to revamp the Scotland's Colleges website.

This project stems from extensive content analysis, whereby feedback received through questionnaires and internal stakeholder analysis will inform the development of a more navigable and user-friendly website. The new site aims to increase the value Scotland's Colleges brings to its diverse user base, which includes the full spectrum of college employees from principals through to HR personnel.

After Digital will create a structured, clean and sleek new website design that will present more rich and relevant content on fewer pages, providing a better overall user experience. Expert consultancy from After Digital's diverse team will generate a digital solution that best fits the organisation's needs. Whilst additional functionality and a filtered, tagging approach will be established to generate the efficient taxonomy of content, again with the aim of creating a better user journey.

Another success in the education sector, After Digital is delighted to add the City of Glasgow College Student Association to its client list as well.

The City of Glasgow College Student Association is actively involved in liaising with the Student Council to organise events, trips, and sports tournaments, etc. Moreover, its aim is to support student welfare and make sure their needs are being met by the educational institution.

With elections coming up and the Student Association wanting to improve its presence within the college, After Digital was selected to create a website that will better engage its audience and encourage an active online community.