After Digital started working with UK-wide hotel group BDL Hotels at the end of 2010 and has enjoyed a prosperous last year and a half launching a suite of over 50 websites for the ever-expanding company.

With plans to almost double its portfolio of hotels in the next three years, After Digital continues to work with the group providing digital marketing consultancy and launching a host of new web projects. The latest set of sites to come out of After Digital’s doors are the Wonderful Weddings, Quad Club and Docklands Bar & Grill websites, which utilise a similar template and styling to communicate a consistent brand image and facilitate management for BDL Hotels staff.

BDL Hotels - Quad Clubs, Wonderful Weddings, Docklands Bar & Grill

The three sites feature large background imagery to communicate the luxury and premium service offered by BDL across a range of services and locations in the UK. Bold calls to action guide the user to key areas of the site, whilst an expandable/collapsible menu and sub-menu structure provides clean, simple navigation through the expansive range of services and venues offered by BDL. Integrated social media then enables the user to further engage with any given venue. The menu structure allows the site to present a large volume and range of content in an intuitive format, which supports navigation and information location.

After Digital applied the Docklands Bar & Grill’s existing branding to the same, clean site structure. Featuring bespoke typography and high impact photography, the site again aims to communicate the prestige and luxury of the restaurant and bar from the offset. After Digital has also integrated an online table-booking feature, increasing the functionality of the site and helping to streamline the venue’s administrative processes.

After Digital is excited to continue this fruitful working relationship, producing ongoing results with the hotel group through its suite of centrally managed websites.

Yvonne Seator, Group Marketing Manager at BDL Hotels, said; "BDL Management has a firm focus on development of our online channels. After Digital has worked with us to launch over 50 websites in the past 18 months and the team are on hand to provide day to day support and development of our sites.

“Enhancing cross-platform viewing of our websites is a priority over the coming months and we look forward to working with After Digital to put our customers at the heart of our digital offering."