We've kicked off 2017 with a super busy and exciting January, in which we've launched not one but two major arts websites with full Tessitura API integrations and use of our Tessitura Bridge product. And, we're well underway on a third project for the University of Colorado, building out the CU Presents website and Tessitura ticketing platform.

We're currently crafting some beautiful case studies to showcase both of our new launches in more detail, but here's a sneak peek at both sites.

Donmar Warehouse

Well-respected as one of the UK's leading producing theatres and known worldwide for their diverse repertoire, we were thrilled when Donmar asked us to pitch to work with them last year. The new website takes a very 'high fashion' approach, with clean, minimalist styles, beautiful and subtle application of interaction design, combined with seamless functionality and user journeys.

Donmar Warehouse website by After Digital

Pitlochry Festival Theatre (PFT) & Explorers Garden

With a relationship spanning a decade, we worked with Pitlochry Festival Theatre to launch their original website and Tessitura ticketing platform (you can read all about that in our old case study here), as well as their Explorers' Garden and Enchanted Forest platforms. This work resulted in measurable returns, including praise from the CEO of Tessitura Network on the speed and quality of execution. So, we were thrilled when PFT again chose to work with us when it came to completely revolutionising the look and feel of their website, in line with their new branding, making the sites fully responsive and taking advantage of new, sophisticated ticketing functionality from the Tessitura API.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre website by After Digital Explorers Garden website by After Digital

Plus, we're well underway on our work with University of Colorado's CU Presents, which involves a further Tessitura integration, who are delighted with the results so far, as evidenced by the quote below.

"OMG, thank you SO MUCH! Your work was amazing and the presentation went exceptionally well. We were saying how pleased we were with the questions and reactions from our partners, they were really impressed by the thoughtfulness and strategy that have gone into what they saw!"

- Laima Haley, Marketing and Public Relations Director, CU Presents, University of Colorado