Looking back, I can’t quite believe it was just over a week ago that I was lugging the (heavy) contents of my old desk across an uncharacteristically-hot four mile walk through London in light of the tube strike. I was moving to Glasgow the next day, had dinner with my family booked for the entire evening, and I still hadn’t packed.

Today, having survived my first week of seeing all four seasons of weather in the space of a Glaswegian day, I’m already feeling incredibly at home with my new city and the lovely After Digital team. I’m getting stuck into my first couple of clients and relishing in replacing my two-hour train commute with a 40 minute walk through gorgeous Glaswegian parks, sipping coffee that actually resembles its namesake rather than an uncharacteristic brown liquid.


When I first began my career I don’t think anyone really understood how much digital would impact the wider marketing world, and I certainly didn’t realise how much my journalistic origins would lead me down a very different and, in my own opinion, more dynamic career path.

As a Brand Executive your role is an exciting one. It’s to take everything you learn from your clients - the nitty-gritty technical details, the passion of the company, and the unique selling points of what they’re creating - and to translate it into something the outside world can understand and would want to associate with.

Content marketing is often your first interaction with potential customers and it’s not, as some might believe, a one-way speech. Whether it’s social media, a web page or a blog post - it’s starting the conversation. In the same way a sales agent might answer the phone with ‘Hello, welcome to my company. How may I help?’, it’s introducing a brand to a customer and inviting them to see how your services might relate to their needs.

When I say what I do, most people think my job is to sit at a desk and type. But I honestly believe the largest part of your job is research. It’s reading and re-reading specific lines of notes from a client, it’s remembering key phrases briefly fluttered over in a meeting, it’s understanding everything the brand stands for in a relatively short time and making sure you communicate that in a way your audience can compute. As a Brand Executive your role is to understand, sometimes better than the client themselves, everything that makes them what they are and ensure you convey that to their wider target audience.

When I look back to my earlier roles, I’m shocked at how innovative some of the most basic online concepts seemed. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be thinking the same in ten years time. Digital is an ever-changing industry and it’s all about adapting and changing accordingly. I’ve enjoyed starting some initial work for clients, but I’ve not even scratched the surface when it comes to After Digital and my wider job role yet. For me, that’s an exciting concept and I can’t wait to find new ways to develop our clients’ voices and online presence...without worrying about how I’ll get to the office when the tube isn’t running.