Having worked with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Smokefree Services in the past on several different projects, After Digital was asked to design engaging new branding and mobile app interfaces for the youth-led Ready 2 Quit (R2Q) smoking cessation app.

The app development process began with the NHS surveying young people between 12 and 25, uncovering 80% had a Smartphone whilst 65% would use an app to help them stop smoking. With advances in technology and research identifying young people are less likely to attend smoking cessation groups, creating an app that they would be comfortable using seemed the most obvious solution in helping young smokers quit.

The team was then selected with After Digital (design) and Intelligent Mobile (app development) working together to produce the final product in conjunction with the NHS and youths from W-West.

As part of our collaborative design process, After Digital invited W-West and a group of young people involved with the charity and supporting other young people to quit smoking to brainstorm ideas around how the app should look and feel, key features to consider and app branding. The aim of this session was to get authentic insights from the app’s target user group and allow these young stakeholders to feel involved from the outset.

Following this workshop our Creative Director, Scott Gilmour, developed several design concepts (for both the branding and mobile app interfaces) and continued to work closely with the youths and NHS to create the final designs. These designs were then passed to Intelligent Mobile’s technical team to develop the mobile app ready for the market.

Melanie Owens, Senior Health Improvement at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Smokefree Services said: “Working with the After Digital team was a great experience; they embraced working with young people and helped the group come up with some really creative ideas. I am very happy with the end result, the R2Q app looks fantastic and the feedback from the young people involved has been very positive. I look forward to continuing to work with After Digital on this exciting project as it progresses.”

After months of hard work and research, we are delighted to announce the R2Q app launched on both iTunes and the Google app store on the 3rd of July. Ultimately designed to encourage young smokers to quit, this streamlined, intuitive app aims to ensure they remain driven towards their end goal to optimise success.


The first unique feature is the app provides daily tips of both a factual and inspirational/motivational nature.  Such messages include ‘nicotine cravings last no longer than 5 minutes’, and ‘withdrawal symptoms peak after 12-24 hours and gradually ease after 2-4 weeks’ alongside reminders to users to reward themselves as incentives to keep people motivated.

Secondly, with social media attracting a growing userbase it is very important for an app to be interactive and offer social sharing facilities to enable the user to stay connected. As the NHS has suggested it is easier to quit with the help of a friend, the app offers the ability to share tips via Facebook, Twitter and the app community, helping to build an active support network. Additionally, the app offers further interactive features allowing the user to update how much money has been saved alongside the number of days they have been smoke free, to keep a personal record of achievement. A section for the health benefits of quitting and a discussion area are also present, acting as motivational tools.

Effective apps should always offer convenience to the life of the user, perceived value and social sharing facilities and this app ticks all the boxes. We are delighted to have been selected to continue working with the NHS Smokefree Services and look forward to seeing the R2Q app community grow and develop over the coming months.