We’ve noticed a little something happening in our industry (our team included)… beards are sprouting, glasses are appearing, jeans are getting tighter than tight (and that’s just on the lads), there’s a whole lotta tattoos going about and some pretty weird instruments too!

Never one to miss a beat, we think that mainstream brands are overlooking a growing demographic. So, we’re launching the ‘After Digital Hipster Lab’ - your surefire way to make your brand ironic enough to stay ahead of the curve.

Meet the team

Say hello to our After Digitalsters who will be running the After Digital Hipster Lab - bringing retro into the 21st century. Stay infinite!


What kind of work with our After Digital be getting up to?

Bringing Bucky Back

Fear not hipster friends, no longer will you have to swig your Bucky out of a brown bag (although brown bags are pretty darn chic right now), now you can brandish your bottle with pride, all in the knowledge that you’re one of the first to bring Bucky back into the moment. Feel the revolution with our new design for Scotland’s favourite rocket fuel - Buckfast (AKA getting you f****d fast)!


Piggy-backing on the success of the craft beer revolution, we’ve repositioned Buckfast to a lucrative and growing hipster marketplace.

The process began with some in-depth persona analysis, identifying key traits in the existing consumers versus those we want to target. We have revolutionised the target consumer from a trackie, cap and trainer wearing connoisseur to a skinnies, deep V-tee, beanie hat, big booted kinda guy/gal.

Beginning with our traditional collaborative day, our hipster team casually outlined KPI’s and what made the business tick - revitalising the Buckfast brand to tap into a clandestine yet coveted target market. Cue, fresh design with hand-crafted brand and packaging.

redefining-buckfast redefining-buckfast 2

But the big question is - are you hipster enough to drink Bucky!?

We're rapidly expanding After Digital Hipster Labs - if you want a piece of the exclusive action, get in touch and we can totally bring your website into the retro now!


Happy April Fools' Day one and all!