With a rich history of work within the arts, culture, media, education and heritage sectors, we’re constantly looking for the best possible technology solutions to enable our clients to showcase their work to the world in the best possible format. So, we were hugely excited when leading international digital asset management software provider Extensis added us to their official industry partners.

Listed alongside the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Google and Adobe, we’re honoured to have been asked to join their industry network as official strategic digital agency partner, to offer an integrated and comprehensive solution to institutions for digitising and managing their media assets online.

“After Digital goes beyond providing its clients with strategic digital campaigns; they understand the technology infrastructure and workflows that will sustain their long-term and lasting success. Effective digital asset management has become paramount for companies of all sizes, and we are honored they selected Extensis Portfolio to meet their client’s needs.”

Toby Martin, VP of Development & Strategy at Extensis.

With two decades of experience, US company Extensis® is a leading developer of software and services for creative professionals and workgroups. Used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies, including Havas Worldwide, Princeton and UNESCO, their technology solutions streamline workflows and allow for the secure management of digital assets.

Having integrated their world-class Portfolio® digital asset management (DAM) system into new websites for The Courtauld Institute of Art and Amber Collective, we were keen to explore the possibilities of extending the bridge product we’d worked up during development of these websites into a standalone product, which streamlined communication between their API and clients’ websites and content management systems. Teaming up with Extensis’ team and gaining access to their code base, we aim to make all the benefits of DAM accessible to institutions with a vast collection of images and video. The output - an integrated solution that allows for the effective creation, storage, management and showcasing of all digital collections (be it for museums or universities, media publishers or galleries).

Together we will continue to collaborate to develop Portfolio Connect - our bridge product - so that it constantly evolves to maximise the potential of the Extensis Portfolio® API.

“Digital content is an integral part of all online marketing. The majority of companies are now dealing with thousands of - if not more - digital assets from images to video, so it is critical to success to have an effective system for managing all this content. Many content management systems are not built to efficiently manage this quantity of assets. Through our work with Extensis, we’re not only able to get clients up and running on DAM far quicker than previously possible, but also able to streamline integration between DAM and their existing systems via our CMS agnostic product - Portfolio Connect. The net result: clients see enhanced functionality and an immediate boost in their workflow.”

David Johnstone, Managing Director at After Digital.

To learn more about our partnership with Extensis and this technology integration, click here.

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