As part of our ongoing commitment to charitable causes and social wellbeing, After Digital is delighted to support Mikaela Mckinley and the Celtic FC Foundation in their fundraising efforts for Kenya and the UK.

Mikaela will be participating in a life-changing 10-day trip to Kibera, Kenya, in January 2014 as a volunteer of the Celtic Charity Fund. Kibera is the largest and the poorest urban slum in Africa, which is in drastic need of support from outside nations.

Mikaela and a small group of volunteers will be involved in the first phase of building for a brand new school, to support the local children in creating a brighter future. The volunteers will complete a number of tasks including the building of classrooms, plastering, painting, laying floors and interaction with the local community.

In order to participate in this programme volunteers had to raise a minimum of £2,000 by undertaking a series of fundraising initiatives. Following a number of other successful activities, Mikaela is hosting a Race Night at the Admiral in Glasgow tonight, which has already succeeded in taking her over her original £2,000 fundraising target.

We're pleased to have sponsored the brochures for this event and be amongst the organisations helping to support this very worthy cause, which include Igloo, Bellcom Worldwide, The KANO Foundation, KOKOMO and Grant & Wilson.

All net proceeds from Mikaela's fundraising will be split 50-50, with 50% going to the Kibera Celtic Foundation, helping those in the Kenyan slum, and 50% to the Celtic Charity in order to support those living in poverty closer to home.

You can show your support and help build a better future for those suffering poor living standards by giving a donation at:

Mikaela Mckinley said; "Thanks so much to After Digital and all the other organisations and individuals who have supported me in my fundraising efforts so far. The Kibera Race Night is just one of many activities I have run over the past few months to raise money for a very worthy cause. Proceeds will go towards the building of a new school which will double as an orphanage for sixty children from the Kibera slum and also towards helping those living in poverty, closer to home in Glasgow."