Last week our MD, David Johnstone, and myself, Cat Leaver - Head of Strategy, were invited along to an exclusive BBC Connected Studio to give a talk to BBC staff on how to create great content that rings true with the modern consumer on social media and mobile.

Rule number one - it's all about context. Once you understand the context in which your content is going to be consumed you can design for these practical and technological circumstances, thus creating tailored, targeted and relevant experiences.


Key themes and top tips:

  • Have purpose - always have an objective and know why you are creating a campaign. Otherwise how can you possibly measure its effectiveness?
  • Do your research and proof read - it's too easy to make careless mistakes, but they can cost you
  • Communicate on your audience's level - if you don't know who you're talking to or why they're present on a certain channel, then you'll not talk in a way that they find relevant or engaging
  • Match user expectations - both of your brand and of the channel you're communicating through
  • Keep it digestible and shareable - make it easy for users to consume and share your content and consider prioritisation of information
  • Provide clear calls-to-action - tell users what you want them to do
  • Test, measure and adapt - always

Fancy a little insight into what was covered?

You can browse the slides from the presentation below:

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