Last Saturday a few of our expert developers led the latest Coder Dojo session at the stunning Glasgow Science Centre, focusing on responsive design and developing for mobile web.

Coder Dojo Glasgow is still going strong and is setting the standards for sessions across Scotland. Having attracted steady interest and a solid group of young coders, as well as campaigning for further support from NESTA to enhance the reach of the initiative, Coder Dojo Scotland is set to be a great success.

In today's society smart phones and mobile browsing are almost ubiquitous with both the older and younger generations. People increasingly use their mobiles to search and locate information, browse products and services, engage with peers online, and shop the web. Consequently, providing digital solutions that cater to these different devices and platforms, offering tailored, optimised experiences to all visitors is key to online success going forward.

In light of this, and in line with a desire from the young coders to learn more about developing for the mobile web, our developers designed a session that began to teach them the skills they need for modern web development.

The session kicked off with an introduction to the stages involved in an effective web development project process and how this fits in with other digital disciplines such as web design and digital marketing. The team then discussed what is meant by responsive design and how responsive solutions offer a robust digital solution for the increasingly multi-device and multi-platform web.

The young coders were shown an example of the end goal, so that they understood what they were working toward and were able to ask questions throughout the session, supported by a number of highly capable mentors.

The first step was to work on actually building a Coder Dojo mobile site, utilising some top tips from our developers and responsive design code. The kids were excited to be developing for a platform they use on a daily basis and showed an impressive understanding from the offset.

This is the first in this series of sessions After Digital will run, helping the young coders to expand their knowledge on responsive web development and continue to build their own Coder Dojo mobile site.

Duncan Nicoll, Developer at After Digital, said; "It's been another fantastic day at Coder Dojo Glasgow and I'm always hugely impressed by the level of skill and understanding on show from the young coders who come along. They've managed to take a fairly complex subject and really start getting their teeth into it. I look forward to helping lead some more sessions and seeing some mobile sites come to life!"

Cat Leaver, Marketing Manager at After Digital, said; "Coder Dojo is a fantastic initiative that opens up huge scope for young coders looking to advance their learning and programming skills. Having seen first-hand the success of the sessions here in Glasgow and now in Edinburgh also, I can't wait to see the scheme spread and new Coder Dojos launch across Scotland.

"The organisers are now going in for NESTA funding to support the ongoing growth of Coder Dojo, so please get involved and support this very worthy cause!"