Publication: Creative Boom
Date: 08 August 2012

UK digital agency After Digital has unveiled a new bespoke offering and increased its global staff presence as it embarks on a new phase of innovation and growth.

The Glasgow and London digital agency has spent the last six months making a series of additions to the business - in personnel, market positioning and tools – including relocating its head of innovation to San Francisco and recruiting Italy-based media and communications expert Roger Mitchell.

Central to this new phase is the defining and unveiling of “After Digital8™”, the company’s new trademarked digital strategy and execution offering. Launched in line with the firm’s new online presence, After Digital8™ outlines a detailed and strategic eight-step process which aims to ensure unique, tailored results for customers. The eight steps are: business review; customer analysis; digital strategy; content; channel selection; specification; execution; measurability and iteration.

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