Another year. Another city. Another AMAzing conference. And this year we’re running a sell-out breakfast seminar, titled ‘Digital novices and natives - Don’t just Transform. Evolve’. Having curated numerous arts’ organisations digital strategies over the last 6 years, our team will be sharing how to embrace digital to strive for your own sell-out success.

Arts Marketing Association Conference

What is AMA and who goes?

The Arts Marketing Association (AMA for short) is the annual event that brings the arts marketing profession together under the one roof every year with ‘a mission to matter’. This year the conference is being held at the incredible Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh between the 14th and 16th of July. With over 40 speakers and 40 sessions, the opportunities to engage, enlighten and evolve are copious.

Very few workshops sold out within the first day of being announced and so we were excited to see all 65 of our seats snapped up at the same pace as The Guardian’s highly sought-after session. We’re looking forward to seeing familiar and fresh faces across the 3 days, with partners Tessitura and Spektrix in attendance and clients including Almeida Theatre, Courtauld Institute of Art,  Culture Republic, National Theatre of Scotland, The Halle and more all making it along!

Arts Marketing Association

Now .. more about that breakfast we promised you!

All too often we complete goals only to put our feet up in self-satisfaction. But it’s at these crossroads where we should strive further and for more. Times of success are the best times for progression.

We regularly witness as organisations launch their new website with a contented “done”. But, this is just the beginning. We challenge clients to think “what’s next?”. You wouldn’t set off on a roadtrip with a map that only showed you how to get to your first destination, so why should it be any different as you set off on your journey toward digital excellence?

Instead of looking at just one part of your organisation’s operational formula, say for example your website, our session will illustrate that it’s not only your audience’s user experience that need you need to consider, but all of your people (staff, stakeholders, etc). How do they use technology? Are your customer services and marketing departments singing from the same hymn sheet? Are the notes they’re playing sounding the same, or do their instruments need retuned?

Digital evolution has been a large focus of our business over the last decade and we’re constantly undertaking different projects spanning a vast number of industries.  As the requirements of each vary so dramatically, we believe that the success of your project relies in the tangible value it offers to your users, both internal and external.

Our Managing Director, David Johnstone, and Head of Strategy, Cat Leaver, will explore this and more in their workshop and look forward to seeing many of your there.

If you didn’t manage to book your slot at our session then fear not, we’ll be around for the full conference and more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  Connect with David or Cat in advance and drop them a line to organise a coffee (or, knowing them, a beer)!