Last night we hosted our first ever Codebar event, sponsored by Be-IT Recruitment. We opened our office space and invited Codebar coaches and programming enthusiasts to come along to this globally acclaimed event.

What is Codebar?

Codebar is a not-for-profit organisation that regularly runs free coding and programming workshops with the aim to facilitate the growth of a diverse tech community. Codebar seeks to enable underrepresented people, helping them to learn programming in a safe and collaborative space, in order for them to expand their career opportunities. They believe people learn better and learn more when they are surrounded by their peers in a supportive environment.
Codebar is an international organisation that runs workshops and classes all over the UK, Sydney, Helsinki, Boston, Amsterdam and Barcelona… just to name a few. If you are interested in programming and development and meet Codebar’s eligibility criteria, getting involved in free Codebar classes is an excellent place to start!

a group learning about coding at Codebar

Pizza, stand-up and HTML

Be-IT arrived with crates of beers, sweet treats and pizzas from our neighbours at Pizza Punks! Once everyone arrived we tucked into some pizza and took part in a stand-up. Here at After Digital, we are no strangers to stand-up. As part of the Agile methodology, used extensively across the digital industry, we host a daily stand-up each morning to keep the rest of the team informed of our progress on particular projects. Last night, we used stand-up as an opportunity to introduce ourselves, our backgrounds, and our companies. Our attendees were a diverse range of people, from artists looking to create interactive designs to programmers in the early stages of their career, as well as more advanced programmers looking to meet new people in the network and enhance their skills.

a selection of pizza from Pizza Punks Kali giving a presentation about the After Digital studio

There were numerous workshops running at the same time, delivering different levels of programming and development. Some of us were learning basic HTML and CSS styling, while others were getting advice on their own website portfolio for college and discovering more advanced methods of front-end development. Noodle, our office mini Golden Doodle, joined us for the evening and was more than happy to receive plenty of cuddles and treats from the Codebar and Be-IT teams!

a group standing round the computer learning about HTML Noodle the dog with a Be-IT lanyard

The event was a great opportunity to meet people in the digital industry and share our experience within our different fields. Thank you to Codebar and Be-IT for the opportunity to get involved!

If you’re interested in working with our team or hosting an event in our space, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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