Recently, thanks to the introduction of HD videos and faster connection speeds, videos have become more accessible to all Internet users. As such, more than half of all businesses use video marketing as part of their marketing strategy and video has recently been termed ‘the future of content marketing’.

Naturally effective at improving user engagement, videos are also great at increasing brand awareness and with YouTube boasting more than 1 billion users worldwide, we expect to see a continual increase of video marketing over the coming months.

Key benefits of Video Marketing

Reach a massive audience: YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world and with more than 100 million Internet users viewing online videos each and every day, businesses are presented with an excellent opportunity to reach their target audience.

Easily searchable: when looking for a product or service, most Internet users go to the hub that is Google (although YouTube comes in close second). When a website features a video, it is 50% more likely to feature higher in SERPs exposing the website to a wider audience.

Videos can educate and encourage action: ahead of imagery, videos can educate users about a product or service. On average, videos increase people's understanding of a topic by around 74%.

Video converts: video is better at encouraging action from a user and 80% of users are more likely to remember information from a video than from any other source.

It’s mobile: the number of searches taking place via mobile devices is rising. As such, with mobile video, you have the option to be in the hand of your target audience. With more than 70% of mobile searches leading to action with the hour and the above benefits of video marketing in mind, your target audience are only one click away from purchasing your products.

Best of the Best

And, if that’s not enough to make you want to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, we have selected some of the best - and my favourite - video marketing campaigns of the last few years!

Red Bull

Back in 2012, Felix Baumgartner passed the speed of sound and made the record books for the highest ever parachute jump, an astounding feat. However, what has interested us is the way in which Red Bull achieved great exposure through video marketing of the event. This truly was the definition of going to the edge of space to capture the attention of an audience. Watched live by 8 million people worldwide and with 37 million YouTube views, this video is still a key feature of the Red Bull Stratos website - view it here! Two years later, we’re still talking about this excellent way to showcase a brand to the world and no video marketing campaigns have yet surpassed this astronomic effort.


In a bid to showcase the brand to both existing customers, emerging markets and a new generation, Cartier marked their 165th anniversary with this stunning piece of glittering video marketing. In this three and a half minute mini-movie, the symbolic Panther travels around the world where it is faced with pieces of glittering animal jewellery (many of which feature in the Cartier collection), finally ending at the Grand Palais in Paris, Cartier’s birthplace.

Premiering at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this mini-movie was later shown in 800 UK cinemas and in 12 countries across the globe. Leveraging email as the main form of marketing to announce the premiere, fans were offered video previews of the film and behind the scenes footage. Utilising this multi-channel strategy paid off for Cartier with a 2.7% increase in Facebook fanbase and an interaction rate of 0.61% - much higher than the norm.


Officially launched in the UK in June 2014, Google effectively utilised video marketing in the lead up to the launch of Google Glass. This video was posted on YouTube almost a year before UK launch and was designed to reach out to the target audience, educating them of the benefits and uses of the product. To date, the ‘How it Feels Through Google Glass’ video has had 26 million views worldwide - view it here! Guiding the viewer through the process of taking photos and videos, using Google Hangouts, receiving text messages to browsing the Internet, the viewer can see how this would be viewed whilst using Google Glass. As such, not only did this educate the user about the product offering, it placed the user behind Google Glass to experience it in use, thus, an innovative and excellent use of video marketing from the Internet superstar Google.

Although video marketing is becoming increasingly popular amongst brands looking to promote their products and services, this is still an innovative form of marketing where you can gain a competitive edge. More eye-catching and engaging than text, well-produced videos promote high levels of interactivity, they are fun to watch, will educate the user and can encourage them to search for more information.

With all this in mind, the question is, when are you getting started!?