As you may know, we were recently on the hunt for someone great to join our marketing team and we found someone to take on the role, who is bringing something very new and very different to the team…

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Natalie and I’m joining the team as a brand executive and in-house clairvoyant. I have a few years of experience doing this and I’m keen to bring this under-appreciated (and sometimes negatively viewed) practice to After Digital! I’m really into reading, film and TV, hearing stories about the supernatural and I’m a massive fan of Lord of the Rings.

after digital brand executive clairvoyant

What attracted you to After Digital?
I like their personal approach and their client list was so vast and varied, I felt it would be an ideal place to challenge myself, grow as a professional both in marketing and business integrated clairvoyance. This is the first team that have supported and encouraged the publicity of my gift of foresight, so I’ll be channeling it as much as I can to support the team.

What will you be bringing to the team?
Aside from the being a clairvoyant, which we’ll get onto later, I am bringing 2+ years of industry experience. I have worked with a variety of different clients in varying industries and I think that makes me a great addition to an agency environment. I am also a journalist by training, having graduated with my degree in 2016, so content writing about a wide variety of businesses and topics is second nature to me at this point. I’m also known to bake a mean cake (maybe it’s because I can see when it’ll be ready before it actually is, so they never burn - win!) so I’m hoping to also bring some treats into the office once I’ve been on a baking spree.

What is business integrated clairvoyance?
It’s a term I coined myself! I like to work with companies to harness my gift to their advantage. In the marketing world, client needs are ever-growing and I am the perfect solution to that. I can see what your client will need before they even ask, saving company time and creating an impressive turn-around for your content. It means I can be on the pulse with cutting edge trends and technologies, helping to inform more innovative strategies. For example, I was once able to use my gift to foresee an entire client pitch, allowing the company I was then working for to prepare and expand the pitch to suit the client perfectly. However, until now, I have been contractually obligated to keep my job enhancing gift under wraps as previous employers have not wanted to risk ridicule. I think this will be a massive step forward for others like myself and a huge asset to After Digital.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Of course, as a psychic, I like to put my gift to good use outside of work. I have my own small business where I have clients who come to see me for advice, karma cleansing or to communicate with those in the after life. I ensure complete confidentiality so I cannot offer you any stories, but it’s nice to see people come in and be reassured after some good news or a message from the other side. I’ve attached a scan of one of my flyers below, in case anyone wants to get in touch! I also like to go walking, read books whenever I have time and I’m a huge fan of Costco and will take any opportunity to go there as well - so it’s very handy that After Digital is located right above one!

clairvoyant brand executive

We’re excited to hear more about Natalie’s gift and replicate some of the success she’s had with other businesses in applying it to real business challenges. If you’ve got a challenge you’d like her to tackle why not get in touch? But, for now, happy April Fools day.