Supporting the digital industry is important to us here at After Digital; especially when it comes to our hometown of Glasgow. Our team regularly attend conferences and events, enabling them to further enrich their knowledge and grow within their field; whether that be UX design, marketing or programming. We were keen to get involved and host an event of our own, bringing together people in the digital industry, when Be-IT and Codebar got in touch and asked to work with us! So, on the 11th of March, we will be playing host to the globally-acclaimed Codebar for the very first time! But, what is it?...

What is Codebar Glasgow?

Codebar is a not-for-profit organisation that regularly runs free coding and programming workshops with the aim to facilitate the growth of a diverse tech community. Codebar seeks to enable underrepresented people, helping them to learn programming in a safe and collaborative space, in order for them to expand their career opportunities. They believe people learn better and learn more when they are surrounded by their peers in a supportive environment.

Codebar is an international organisation that runs workshops and classes all over the UK, Sydney, Helsinki, Boston, Amsterdam and Barcelona… just to name a few. If you are interested in programming and development and meet codebar’s eligibility criteria, getting involved in free Codebar classes is an excellent place to start!

screen with code on it

What to expect at a Codebar event?

The normal format of any Codebar programming workshop is 30 minutes of food, drink and networking with other students and coaches. Codebar events are a great place to meet likeminded people who can support you through your coding career. Once everyone has arrived and had a bite to eat, there will be a lightning talk by either the host or a full-time developer working in the industry. Following this are the coding sessions, where students can learn from each other and practice programming skills with our coaches.

people catching up over a coding workshop

How do I get involved?

To become a Codebar student, you must meet eligibility criteria as the workshops are only available to women, LGBTQ and people from underrepresented minority groups.

While some students simply want to learn the basics of coding, others have a goal of becoming full-time working developers; whether that be in agencies, in-house brand or freelance. Eligible students from all experiences and backgrounds are welcome, you simply have to sign up to attend the free classes.

Codebar is always on the lookout for more developers to join the community and help teach the students at various workshops. Students are encouraged to work from a portfolio of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python or Git tutorials.

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If you want to come along to the Codebar event hosted here at After Digital HQ in Glasgow, you can sign up on the Codebar website. Or, if you are interested in working with our team or hosting an industry event in our space, please do not hesitate to get in touch!