As an official Google Partner, it’s no secret that we looveeee Google, but it’s even more useful than you could have imagined. Today we’re giving you insights into the fun, quirky side of this amazing search engine. Check out our favourites and fill you Google time wisely…

You're International Watch

Have you found yourself planning a holiday and wanted to know the local time in your desired location? Most of us have. However if you have no idea what we are talking about, type ‘time’ followed by the name and the city and you’ll see the local time. Handy huh?

Tip Calculator
Everyone loves going out for dinner right? Being in a restaurant is cool but leaving a tip for the helpful waitress is cool too. The big question on everyone’s minds is how much of a tip do I leave? We all know Google knows everything - yes, even this. Type ‘tip calculator’, complete the short form and Voila…

Google Pacman

Pacman et al
Want to play Pacman on Google? Simply type ‘Google Pacman’ into the search bar and select the first result. We don’t need to say anymore to make you remember past (and better?) times! Pacman not enough for you? Type ‘Zerg Rush’ and let the games begin. Although be careful not to spend too much time, it can cause addition (we found this out the hard way)!

If Pacman and Zerg Rush ain’t your thing, type ‘Atari Breakout’, click images, sit back, relax and enjoy your day at the office!

Do a Barrel Roll
Trust me! Type 'Do a Barrel Roll' and see what happens. You are going to be surprised! It’s one of our faves.

Type 'Tilt' into Google and don’t be surprised if you see your page tip to the side. This is the perfect joke for your colleagues don’t you think!?

If like us you love a bit of nostalgia, you’ll love Google retro. Type 'Google in 1998’ and reminisce how Google looked 17 years ago (if you can remember all the way back then).

All the doodles
Are you feeling lucky? Click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ and take a look at some of the amazing doodles from far and wide. Some of them are in my concept of art, complete pieces of art don’t you think?

Google Gravity
Type ‘Google Gravity’ and select the first result. Ohh no… we hope Google doesn’t hurt too much after the fall.

Despite it’s weird and wonderful algorithms, Google can be fun sometimes! Let us know your favourites and if you have any others we don’t know about.