When Stephen Elliott joined the team we witnessed the happy collision of two worlds, as Stephen brings his 8 years of experience in the chauffeur and events industry to our digital world. With this new insight into the corporate events industry After Digital has decided to conduct further research to establish what the principal challenges are facing the events industry in 2012, and how we can apply our knowledge to help resolve these and convert them into business opportunities.

Consequently, After Digital has complied a series of articles based on the opinions gathered from industry experts and the real challenges and opportunities that exist for conference & event organisers in 2012. The core issues have been identified as:

  • Sustainability
  • Economics
  • Technology
  • Consumer behaviour (increasing demands/expectations)
  • Employment market

We'll examine how to best overcome these challenges, embrace current opportunities and realise the importance that digital technology and online marketing play in reaching your objectives. This has never been more essential, with clients' budgets being tighter, they are more selective in the conference and events they will spend their time, money and energy on.

Our thanks goes to all those who took the time to discuss these issues with us, including Amy Hutchins, Chris Lawson, and Sara van der Vat.

Our research will be published across two blog posts, the first of which will tackle the issues of sustainability and economics, whilst the final article will cover the remaining three challenges of technology, consumer behaviour, and the employment market. Article one will be published tomorrow (Friday 8 December) at 10am, followed closely by the final article on Monday morning at 10am.

Stay tuned for more and have your say.