Here at After Digital, we like to work with interns, students and those passionate about learning about the digital sector and in August, we had an intern working with us. Alice started working with us after an internship with one of our clients and Scotland’s beloved national theatre company, National Theatre of Scotland. NTS are a theatre without walls, with over 250 productions under their belts, the ideal place for this arts-loving intern. So, when NTS approached us about hosting her for a while, how could we say no? After making her mark in our design team and working closely with our Senior Designer, Rachel, she is now back in France. But, before she left, we made sure to sit down and chat with her about her time with us...

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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Alice, I’m 21, from Bordeaux and I have an English degree. From there, I went on to study Digital Communication for a year and I’m about to do a Master’s degree, specialising in Web Design. I love cats, dance and my favourite food is pasta carbonara.

Why did you choose to study design and why did you choose to intern with us at After Digital?

I've always had some sort of connection with arts. I was a dancer, I currently play the piano and I’ve always liked aspects of design in general. In my last year of high school, I wanted to buy some clothes online and I was on a website that was really not user-friendly. It annoyed me and I was actually thinking of ways to improve that website in my head. Then I asked myself, “Hey, isn’t that a job?”. So after my English Degree, I got into 'Ecole de Communication Visuelle' (ECV Digital) in Bordeaux to study Web Design. When I finish my studies, I would like to work for an agency like After Digital. Initially, I was doing an internship at National Theatre of Scotland and thanks to them I had the opportunity to work with After Digital, the agency that created their website. I was really interested in their UX & Design department because I really wanted to know more about UX and being able to add that skill to Web Design.

our intern alice

Just for fun! If you weren’t studying design, what would you want to do instead?

If I wasn’t studying Web Design, I would’ve wanted to be a dancer (unfortunately, due to health reasons, I couldn’t keep it up). Apart from that, I've wanted to be an architect since I was little and then I also wanted to be an interior designer. So one of those many options!

As our intern, what is it you have been doing at After Digital?

I have been working on one of their newer American clients, Auditorium Theatre. I went onto their website to see what was going on and why the client wanted it to be redesigned. After a little ergonomics audit, I went on the internet to find similar websites to see how they had been designed and to brainstorm some ideas on how I would design the Auditorium Theatre’s homepage. I created wireframes for the desktop, tablet and mobile version. After Rachel’s feedback, I began the homepage’s design. I also worked on another project for The Beatson Cancer Charity. I designed the mock-ups for their social media (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) and some AdWords campaigns. I did all of this on Sketch, which I’ve never used before.

What is the hardest part about your internship here?

I think the hardest part of my internship was getting the copy correct for the Beatson Cancer Charity’s mock-ups. I’m not great with words, so thank you to Lynn and Natalie (the Head of Marketing and the Brand Executive at AD) for help with that!

What has been your favourite part of your internship here?

Designing the wireframes. And the pizza party!

How do you get ready for your day each day?

I try to do some exercise in the morning before having a shower, but I can be a little lazy from time to time... Who isn’t?! And I always have to have a breakfast. I just can’t start my day without having one.

How do you unwind from your day?

Once I get home, I like to have a snack while I’m watching a TV show (I’m currently watching How to Get Away With Murder). I’m also trying to find an agency/company in Bordeaux for September when I’ll be doing my Master’s Degree. After that, I’ll make some dinner.

Alice AD Intern 2018 cat dancing

Top 5 tips that you would recommend for other interns going to a placement?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Enjoy it, this is a great experience!
  • Propose initiatives
  • Ask for feedback, that’s how you learn
  • Be social with the team you’re interning with

What advice would you give someone thinking about studying design?

My advice would be to don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Finally, you’ve been working in our Glasgow office, what is your favourite part of the city?

I’m always cold in Glasgow so I would say the Botanic Gardens because it’s warm in there!

Thanks to Alice for choosing to work with AD this summer! We hope she got the most out of her time with us and we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on her UX career in the future.