Fulfilling our commitment to partake in annual pro bono work this year we’re excited to have had the chance to work with the Kieran Maxwell Fund, developing a digital campaign and new web presence, including a new website, Facebook page and providing ongoing digital support.

Kieran Maxwell is a 14-year-old boy from Durham who was sadly diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2010. An x-ray and CT scan revealed an aggressive tumour in Kieran’s leg. Following diagnosis Kieran underwent a number of tests to identify the best course of treatment. Sadly, after several treatments of chemotherapy, doctors found that due to the size and location of the tumour the limb could not be salvaged and Kieran’s leg would have to be amputated. Whilst Kieran is now in remission he still requires regular check-ups to ensure he is still fighting fit.

The NHS issued a standard prosthetic leg for Kieran, but unfortunately this weighs in at around a stone (almost a fifth of Kieran’s total body weight), meaning it is difficult to manoeuvre and restrains Kieran’s ability to take part in normal day activities.

Previously a very active boy, and still a keen gymnast with potential to take part in paralympic gymnastics at the highest level, Kieran requires specialist equipment to help make his dream come true. That is where After Digital came in, to help ‘give Kieran a sporting chance’ and raise £25,000 for custom gymnastics legs.

After Digital contacted Kieran’s parents, Nicola & Alistair, and asked for their permission to create a new website for free to provide the Kieran Maxwell Fund with a dynamic, engaging and centralised point of reference, to help strengthen the charity’s brand, boost awareness of the cause and raise donations for Kieran’s new gymnastics legs.

The prosthetic legs are being custom made by Dorest Orthopaedic to exactly meet Kieran’s requirements and enable maximum flexibility whilst participating in sports and gymnastics as he continues to grow.

Kieran’s new site uses a bold, clean, scrolling page design for the homepage, linking off to a descriptive ‘About Kieran’ page and dedicated ‘Donations’ page listing all those generous enough to already have donated to this worthy cause. The site also automatically pulls through content from Kieran's old blog website, allowing Kieran's parents to continue to easily manage new articles without having to undergo significant training for the new site. Key calls to action, such as the donate button, are highlighted in a static menu bar, ensuring optimal exposure and encouraging donations through the site.

Social media is integrated throughout to encourage users to engage with Kieran, his family and the Kieran Maxwell Fund, and get involved. The site links off to Kieran’s new Facebook Page, developed by After Digital in a consistent styling and communications tone, which provides up-to-date information on Kieran’s treatments, activities and whereabouts.

After Digital is excited to be involved with such a great cause and looks forward to seeing how the campaign evolves and how much money we can raise to help Kieran on his way to the next Paralympics.

Nicola Maxwell, Kieran’s mother and co-founder of the Kieran Maxwell Fund, said; “We are over the moon with Kieran's new site from After Digital! The agency approached us earlier in the year about developing the new website for us free of charge to help us boost awareness of our campaign and raise money for Kieran's prosthetic legs. The team at After Digital have been enthusiastic, outgoing and responsive, helping us to set up Kieran's new Facebook page, developing the beautiful new website and supporting us in the ongoing management and promotion of these online platforms. Thanks to all those involved for your hard work!

Managing Director at After Digital, said; “We are committed to giving something back to the community and doing our best to support charitable causes. Having heard about Kieran’s story through my nephew who attends the same school we really wanted to get involved and see what we could do to help. We hope this new digital strategy and campaign will boost awareness of the Kieran Maxwell Fund and raise the funds to help this brave young man live the full and rich life that he deserves.”

Updated 3 January 2013:

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