Publication: International Arts Manager
Date: 15 January 2015

Over the last decade there has been a rush toward the use of technology in the arts sector. In this month’s Digital Doctor column for the International Arts Manager our Head of Marketing, Cat Leaver discusses the trends she expects to take over the arts industry in 2015…

Attribution marketing: In 2014, emphasis was placed on user experience and how consumers engage with channels before going on to make a purchase. With attribution marketing relatively new, it is expected to become more prevalent in 2015, allowing arts organisations to invest in the most appropriate channel and see the greatest ROI.

Mobile: For the last three or four years, mobile has been at the forefront of the trend discussion, this year is no different. Combined with marketing via mobile devices and the growing screen size facilitating this, mobile will continue to be as prevalent in 2015.

Smarter marketers: organisations are slowly growing their internal marketing teams however, digital marketing skills are becoming more and more important. In 2015, Cat predicts the upscaling of marketers.

Getting up close and personal: After lots of discussion back in 2014 around location based marketing and personalisation, Cat predicts arts organisations will look to the activity within other industries and serve more useful, relevant and tailored communications to their audiences.

Innovative digital advertising: With digital advertising beginning to look tired, Cat predicts that digital advertising networks will begin to offer more premium services in return for guaranteed results which hasn’t been possible.

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