"Every sector is competitive, but surely not education" said one onlooker. This might be the general assumption, but those that work within the industry know the exact opposite is true. Degrees are essentially a product. And like every other business, Universities need to market and sell that product whilst fending off their competitors. Oh and what's more, their budgets are being cut and their customers now have to pay treble what they used to - £9,000 a year - and, not surprisingly, they want the highest yield possible on that investment.

Our Research

Having worked extensively with Further and Higher Education institutions, we spoke with our peers within the industry about the challenges they face and the way in which they prioritise them. The two main challenges were that of attracting students, staff and researchers. As the industry becomes increasingly competitive and budgets wear thinner Universities are fighting for survival - 'survival of the fittest' one might say. With smaller budgets and increased pressure comes the need for efficiency, both in terms of productivity and cost, and these act as the main KPIs on which our digital transformation and strategy roadmaps are measured.