Digital maturity refers to how well supported your business is by digital technology and how effectively your people are able to leverage digital channels and skills. When assessing your digital maturity, the aim is to gain a thorough understanding of your current position, which can then be benchmarked against your goals to engineer a roadmap of actions and requirements that are needed to achieve said goals.

The major benefit of looking at digital maturity is that it takes into consideration that this is part of a gradual evolution (the speed of which will depend on many factors inherent to your organisation and industry), rather than an immediate transformation. To help do this, we have developed a simple yet effective digital maturity test that enables us and our clients to know intrinsically where their starting point is.

It lets us collectively understand your skills gaps, your knowledge gaps, your culture gaps and infrastructure gaps. It informs our planning, the direction of travel, the milestones and the momentum needed. It also allows us to measure the impact of change from one point of maturity to the next. And, vitally, it encourages a continual look at development, rather than a one-time fix type approach.

Most importantly it defines outcomes.

Without knowing where you are, it is almost impossible to get to where you want to be.

Ahead of my webinar on 4th May with Extensis, on the importance of a reliable digital asset management system, and the power it has to transform how you handle tens of thousands of assets; I answer a few simple questions on why knowing whether you are a ‘digital toddler’ or a ‘digital master’ is so, so very important.

What you are is not so important, but knowing what you are is crucial.

With a constant bombard of articles on the importance of digital transformation to survival in the modern world, it can seem like you are not only many steps behind but facing a very large wall to scale. But, each organisation is different. Every step into digital is part of a bigger journey. A journey which is never-ending and requires the continual expense of energy and effort.

If you are looking for a partner in digital transformation (or more accurately digital evolution) that not only knows what a successful digital transformation programme is but also, how to enable your staff to be part of and deliver it, why not give us a shout? One of our consulting team would be happy to meet or chat on the phone and explain in more depth how we do, what we do.

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