Digital by default’, it's a great principle that the British government adopted when they undertook an almighty project to transform their services to be inherently digital and fundamentally faster, more accessible and more concise.

But it’s not just the government that are at it. A plethora of forward-thinking businesses and organisations are seeing the value in putting digital at their core, using digital tools and technologies to deliver internal operating efficiencies and catapult their marketing and communications to success.

So what is this ‘digital transformation’?

Changes in your competitive marketplace, your consumers’ needs and technology often result in ineffective business models or propositions. Digital transformation seeks to revise how your business uses digital, identify the gaps and provide solutions. This process involves everything from your processes, systems, tools and communications, to your people, premises and proposition.

What does the process of digital transformation involve?

Analysis, planning and delivery.

Digital is unequivocally the most dynamic (and cost effective) channel for any business looking to reach out to a wide-reaching audience. But with so many different channels and so much noise, it’s important to make sure you’re joining the dots between your many customer touch points. Undertaking digital transformation means you will map out your full communications and marketing mix in line with customer journeys, to ensure that you are adopting an integrated approach and fully appreciating the ROI of each action you take as a business.

Many will refer to big data at this stage, but it goes beyond big data, it’s all about insightful micro-level data that allows you to edge ever closer to real, accurate personalised marketing. How can you ensure you are speaking to your users in a relevant and useful way? What can be automated for efficiency? How are you adding value for the end user? These are all questions that would be addressed via digital transformation.

The sands of technology are always shifting and companies are scrambling to keep up. Digital transformation refers to the initial radical initiative you undertake to place your business on its best foot in the online space, but ‘digital evolution’ is your ability to continue to apply these principles and ongoing learning to stay ahead. Why do you need to evolve? Because, evolving businesses don’t miss a trick or fail to respond to changing consumer demand, meaning you are always prepared to meet challenges head on.

So are you maximising on digital for your business?

With over 17 years of experience in digital, we’re here to help put digital at the heart of your business. We’ve seen the benefits of digital transformation with clients big and small, most recently with our work for the EDF Energy Group where we created their 5-Year Digital Roadmap for the B2B side of the business.

So, please get in touch for any advice or if you wish to make use of our digital transformation services - we’re just a phone call or email away!