OPTAC is Stoneridge Electronics’ brand for tachograph analysis software and accessories, used by leading global brands across Europe. Operating in the UK and Europe and with plans to expand further into the international marketplace, OPTAC realised it was time for a new fully responsive ecommerce website, accessible to B2B audiences across the globe. A competitive tender decided that After Digital was the perfect partner to develop this new digital solution, placing OPTAC at the forefront of its marketplace.

With a multitude of products available across a number of international markets, the ability to locate, purchase and access information with ease is pivotal for OPTAC’s online success.


“We selected After Digital for our OPTAC project as they were the right fit for our business in terms of the Agile working environment and long term strategic thinking. Our aim for this project is to overhaul our existing website in order to provide our customers with a more flexible and simple platform with which to communicate and interact with us.”

Spokesperson at Stoneridge Electronics

The company has manufactured and designed robust products and software in this marketplace for over 40 years, developing a name for OPTAC as a market leader. The new digital presence needs to build on this legacy, allowing the company to grow into new B2B markets and increase brand visibility, thus increasing international sales.

Our collaborative working approach began with the After Digital on-site day where key stakeholders from the OPTAC team and the After Digital team came together to define KPIs, explore business objectives and user personas, outline the key features and functionalities required of the platform and scope out CMS requirements. Following this, our creative director spent a day on-site at Stoneridge to get to the heart of the business and began to define a look and feel for the website that reflects the brand’s vision.

Still in the design process, the development of the new responsive OPTAC website will take place over the coming months and we look forward to building a long and prosperous working relationship.

“Stoneridge Electronics and OPTAC are great brands operating quietly (but successfully) in the B2B marketplace. Their products are used by some of the top automotive companies in the world and their technology is white labeled in lorries all over our roads in Europe. We’re looking forward to developing this partnership and helping to grow the existing presence and increase brand awareness with an effective ecommerce strategy."

David Johnstone, Commercial Director, After Digital