It’s no secret we love supporting new talent and after welcoming two work experience placements over the last few months (Jen and Amir), we say hello to Elizabeth, school pupil and aspiring developer. We’re delighted to offer Elizabeth a few days of work experience over the October break, giving her a chance to explore agency life and find out if this the type of career she’d like to pursue in the future. So… let’s find out a little more about her time with us!

Elizabeth at computer

Tell us more about what you're doing at the moment.

I’m in my third year of secondary school studying Chemistry, Physics, Media, Administration and IT, Computing Science and Business Management. This is my first work experience placement which is very exciting!

What made you choose After Digital for your work experience?

I’ve always been really interested in computers and development and I wanted to expand my knowledge in this area. I also wanted to find out more about what a developers role consists of and the qualifications required to become a web developer. The work experience with After Digital has been really helpful in helping me decide the type of job I would like to get into when I finish studying.

What have you learned about us? What are we like? What are the most important things to our team?

Over the last few days, I’ve learned lots about After Digital from their work with People Make Glasgow to their projects with the BBC. I’ve learned a lot about everyone’s jobs and the different tasks involved on each project. I love the atmosphere of the office, the people are very welcoming and kind and they have helped me understand and learn more about them which has helped my career plans. I think the most important thing I’ve learned about After Digital is they are very focused on teamwork. To get a good finished product, delivered on time, the most important thing is communication across departments.

Elizabeth with Noodle

Tell us about ‘a day in the life of Kirsty’ (our Traffic Manager)

Kirsty arrives at work before everyone else at 8am to check JIRA boards and organises the team’s schedules for the day ahead. Then, when everyone arrives at 9am, a stand up takes place where everyone in the team will discuss their work from the previous day, any blockers and the work for their day ahead (this gives everyone else in the team insights into each others work). Kirsty checks in with everyone to see if they have any blockers which basically means, she makes sure everyone can do their job properly. Kirsty also has to solve any problems which might occur during the day and reports any problems / risks to David the Managing Director. Finally, the best part of Kirsty’s job is where she has to give the office dog, Noodle, lots of cuddles.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I love to program things online and write stories and animate them. I love to see my ideas come to life and share them with others. I also love to share my knowledge about programming with people whether that’s at school, or at home. I would say that animation and development are my passions.

Do you have a party piece or any hidden talents?

I think I’m very creative and can come up with ideas that no one has thought of before. I love creating them through writing or animation and I like to think I have a hidden talent for animation.

What is your biggest achievement in your life so far?

I managed to get a piece I had written published in a book along with stories from other teenagers in the UK. I had written a 100 word horror story which was chosen from my school and added to the book before it was sent out to all schools and libraries in the UK.

Stranded on a desert island, which three items would you take and why?

A pocket knife, a really really long rope and a really really large bottle of clean water!

Which celeb would play you in a movie?

Kayley Cuoco because she seems like a very bubbly, happy character who is very determined and strong minded.

What quote do you live by?

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.

Has your time here made you think you might fancy working for an agency in development someday?

Definitely. My experience here has shown me more about a developer's standard working day and after beginning my work experience unsure of whether I wanted to become an actress or study towards a career in development, I can 100% say I want to work in development.

After completing two days of work experience we can say it has been an absolute pleasure to have had Elizabeth in with us. She has gained exposure to the design, marketing and client services teams as well as development where she ultimately sees her future heading. We hope this is experience has been of value and would welcome her back anytime!

Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing more of her in the years to come!