Last week we had Ewan Barr in with us in our Glasgow office doing a week's work experience with our lovely design team. At the end of the week I spoke to Ewan to see how he had enjoyed his time with us and what he had picked up from our creatives.

What do you want to do after school?
This…web design!

Has your experience at After Digital helped you realise more about what you want to do going forward?
Definitely yeah, it's made me realise the full scale of everything you have to do in order to design and build a website. From all the things I've done and learned this week it's confirmed that I really want to work in web design in the future.

What have you liked best about your work experience with After Digital?
Designing my own website was by far the best thing I did this week, because it meant that I could use my own imagination, whilst improving my skills with the support of After Digital's Creative Director, to show what I can achieve.

What are the key things that you've picked up over the week?
I spent 2 days working on a website called The Treehouse and it helped me learn about using HTML and CSS.

If you could be anyone for a day who would it be and why?
I'd be David Beckham because he seems like a nice guy, which he showed when he donated his wages to charity, and he also gets a lot of money for doing what he loves.

What inspires you?
There is a lot of little things that inspire me, some of which are things like browsing the Internet and seeing a nice design for a website, which make me think I'd like to be able to do that, or maybe seeing an image I like and thinking I'd like to have been there to have taken that picture, and of course my Uncle (Neil Barr) because he's built his company right from the bottom up and now look how far it's come.

Where would you like to be (professionally) in five years time?
Hopefully in five years time I'll be in a job very similar to what goes on here in After Digital, because its something I'd really enjoy doing!

Thanks to Ewan for sharing his experience with us and all the best in his future endeavours from all the After Digital team!