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Our marketing intern, Kyle Johnson, and I were down at the Digital Marketing Conference 2013 in London last Thursday hearing about all the latest digital trends and learnings.

Hosted by Figaro Digital, and held in the impressive Royal College of Physicians overlooking the beautiful and sunny Regent's Park, the day-long conference consisted of a series of high profile key note speakers discussing all the most pertinent digital marketing themes and user behaviour trends and how they have impacted their digital strategies and business practices.
The day kicked off with an introductory session from the charismatic Jack Lundie from Save the Children who reinforced the message that in today's digital environment social is an imperative. Jack prompted delegates to consider social as a storytelling opportunity, but warns that brands must ensure their social voices are authentic, sincere and as human as possible. He wrapped up the first session of the day with a question - asking the audience to consider what secrets to personal social success can be applied to social brand marketing.

The 400+ delegates were given the choice between two speakers and topics for most of the Conference sessions, over a total 14 sessions throughout the day. Whilst all the presentations touched on highly relevant themes, some of the speakers that stood out for me included Bruce Daisley from Twitter, Amaze's Andy O'Brien, Andy Atlanta from Atom24, Antony Robbins from the Museum of London, and Channel 4's Gill Whitehead.

Naturally, there were a number of themes and digital topics that consistently popped up throughout the day. Mobile, social and content were, of course, at the top of everyone's lists and several speakers discussed today's "fast culture" and the need for digital marketers to be agile and responsive in order to succeed.

Here are some of the core themes and actionable digital marketing 'nuggets' from the day:

  • Consistency in your brand 'voice' remains key but you must be able to adapt to suit audiences and environments appropriately - 'many tones, one voice'.
  • Successful digital strategies will be underpinned by agility.
  • Content is everything, but it needs to be simple, clear, relevant and timely to have immediate impact, thus encouraging engagement.
  • When translating your brand into video it takes on new attributes that you must consider, including time, space and sound.
  • Move fast and understand your audiences - constantly analysing user behaviour and journeys will provide actionable insights into how to enhance the user experience.
  • Thinking 'mobile first' and then scaling up from there will mean your digital solution is consistent and mobile users don't experience a 'cut down' version.
  • Efficient data analysis and targeting will aim for a 'segment of one' approach.
  • "Do something different because everyone's doing best practice - don't blend into a medley of nothingness".
  • Timing is everything. If you can be the first at something that will set you apart from the competition and earn you authority within your marketplace.

The day finished up with drinks and networking, bringing all the speakers and delegates together to further discuss the hot topics of the day.

Our thanks goes to Figaro Digital for organising the Conference and speakers, to sponsor The iomart Group who invited us along and to all the lovely people who we chatted to on the day!