On the 11th of August, some of the After Digital team geared up for Beatson Cancer Charity’s annual Footgolfing event. We are regulars at this fun-filled day and this year we were proud to be the main sponsors of the event, so we wanted to put our best foot forward and really get involved in the action.

Beatson Cancer Charity is a Scotland-based organisation supporting people affected by cancer, providing services, as well as funding specialists, research and education to invest in a better future for cancer patients and their families. There are several fundraising events to raise money for the charity throughout the year, including art exhibitions, sponsored runs and charity dinners. However Footgolf for Beatson Cancer Charity is one of a kind day, and we were thrilled and honoured to be supporting this charity during this event.

beatson cancer charity footgolfing

Combining golf and football, as you may have guessed, this sport requires players to kick a football into 18 large holes on the golf course, counting up how many shots it took to get the ball in the hole. The fewest shots win! Sounds simple, but we think there’s real skill required. The After Digital team consisted of David, Lynn, Rodolfo, Rodolfo’s wife, Megan, and our former Head of Strategy, Cat. All five of our team members were ready and raring to go at the 1pm kick off at Footgolf Cumbernauld, who were hosting Beatson Cancer Charity’s event, but not before enjoying some food and drink from the starting tent!

Sun in the sky and drinks in hand, the team began their game. Though the game was, overall, a competition between different teams, some of the holes also had inter-team games of their own. At hole 5, Megan managed to get her ball the farthest on the longest drive and at hole 12, Lynn got closest to the hole in one shot on the shortest drive. Our Rodolfo even managed to get a birdie, not surprising with those impressive footgolfing skills.

beatson cancer charity rod

Drinking beers and kicking footballs as they went along, the team finished the course and despite her previous success, Megan ended the game with the ‘Donkey Award’ for taking the most shots - oops! They were welcomed at the finish line with a pie, a pint and a charity goody bag before the buffet and prize giving. We didn’t place in the top three, but, as cliche as it may sound, it really was all about taking part!

Every participant in the event had an amazing day and each and every sponsorship, fundraising effort and donation towards this event and Beatson Cancer Charity as a whole is very much appreciated. Over the course of the day and the event, the charity managed to raise £3877.33. Incredible!

The event was organised by Paul Sheerin, who came to the Beatson for treatment and support following a testicular cancer diagnosis. Now a recovered, he works to raise funds in his spare time for the charity that helped him.

“This is the second year I have organised a Footgolf tournament for Beatson Cancer Charity. Being able to do this type of event is just a small way of giving something back to the charity that saved my life 5 years ago.

I met David and Cat at an award ceremony about 3 years ago and straight away we clicked. Not only have they been a huge support for me personally, but also to the charity. In the two years of Footgolf, David has took part and sponsored a hole. This year, I asked if After Digital would like to sponsor the whole event and David obliged. I know going forward into next year where I will be doing a number of fundraising events that After Digital will be involved in, in some way.

To date, we have raised £3877.33 this year with more money still to come in. It was a great day had by all, raising vital funds for a charity close to my heart.”

- Paul Sheerin

paul and david beatson cancer charity footgolfing

“This is an incredible amount raised and it will go directly towards supporting patients and their families affected by cancer.

On behalf of Beatson Cancer Charity I want to say thank you and well done to Paul and the After Digital team for a fantastic event. It was lovely to see so many people and organisations out in support of the charity.”

- Karen Harrower, Beatson Cancer Charity’s Challenges and Community Fundraiser

Thank you to Beatson Cancer Charity for a fantastic day and well done for the amount raised. We can’t wait to get our golf gear and football boots back on next year for our next round!