Lots of announcements coming from us over the last few weeks and here's another shiny new one for you all. Say hey to Stephen Kay (SK or Special K to us)...our latest design recruit and resident Jesse Metcalfe lookalike.

Stephen Kay joined us two months ago as Senior Digital Designer and he has already found his place on the team. So, let's find out a little more about him...


What made you want to join our team?
The opportunity to work with such such a diverse range of clients and the studio culture seemed fun. I also wanted more of a challenge from my previous position.

Tell us more about what you did before joining After Digital? 
Immediately before joining After Digital I worked in-house for a car company for clients such as Volvo, Volkswagen, MINI, BMW and many other car manufacturers as a digital designer. Prior to that I had worked in various agencies and after experiencing working in-house I knew it was an agency environment I preferred to work in.

Having worked in digital design previously, what experience are you bringing to the role?
I love digital design, in fact all things creative, hopefully I can bring my overall creativity to the company and bring even more skills to the design team. Hopefully having a background in print design as well as digital can add another string to our bow, along with illustration skills… love my pencil and paper. This we can vouch for, we have yet to see him without his pencil and sketchpad! 

What do you get up to in your spare time?
I watch a lot of television… Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Ru Paul’s Drag Race are my current TV love affairs. I’m also a chapter leader for Glasgow’s division of the charity called Good for Nothing.

Do you have a party piece or any hidden talents? (All the party pieces will eventually come out at Friday Fun at Four)!
The party pieces will be drawn out of me on a Friday you say… in that case, no. No I don't! Hah, in all seriousness though I’m very much an open book if you don't know something about me you probably will soon.

What is your biggest achievement in your career so far?
My biggest achievement in my eyes is working in After Digital. I’ve admired the company for a good few years but never been in the correct position to apply to work here until very recently. And now I’m so glad I do. That might sound cheesy but I love the team we’re all great friends already and working with such an interesting team and varied clients really keeps my day full of creativity.

Stranded on a desert island, which three items would you take?
My pencil case (can we make sure this is filled with my pencils though), sketch pad and a bottle of IRN BRU, I probably won’t last long anyway because after I miss one meal I feel like I’m wasting away already lol!

Which celeb would play you in a movie?
Jesse Metcalfe (I’ve been told there are similarities… I’m not gonna argue with that compliment).

What do you think you can bring to the After Digital team...
Professionally: I think i’m really good at working closely with clients and team members alike, as well as my drive and determination.
Socially: I’m a good chatterbox and love a social occasion with the After Digital team I think I gel well with the rest of the team and I look forward to more interesting souls joining us over the next few months.

Quote / motto you live by... 
What’s for you won’t go by you. (I find it simple but true, something better always comes along).

We are thrilled to have Stephen on board and he has already shown himself to be an excellent member of the team working on a range of projects. We're looking forward to what the future will hold.

Want to know more about Stephen? Catch up with him over on Twitter...