We love supporting new talent in the After Digital office, especially when it just so happens to come in the rare shape of a future female programmer. A current school pupil and aspiring developer, we were delighted to offer Jen Logan the experience to explore agency life for a week and review if this would be the type of career she'd like to pursue moving forwards. So, let's find out a little more about her time with us...

Jen Joins After Digital

Tell us more about what you're doing at the moment?

I'm currently in high school, but this week doing a week of work experience at After Digital to gain first-hand experience of working in the digital field and learn how agencies work, the type of jobs people do, and how this all links together!

What made you choose After Digital for your work experience?

My first impression of the website -­ I loved it. After that, learning about the awesome work they do and seeing some crazy impressive statistics! Then I was overwhelmed by how nice everyone seemed when emailing back and forth to sort the experience out.

What have you learned about us? What are we like? What are the most important things to our team?

I've learned about the many types of job roles in an agency and how this contributes to the overall work done by the company, ­which was so interesting and has given me a huge insight to the way things work in 'the real world'. I've also learned more about Agile delivery and how this is employed in an agency, something I was interested in after learning about it at school.

Everyone is so lovely, hard-working, and passionate. It's clear that the most important things are definitely working to better the agency and the work they do, and making sure their clients are as happy as possible.

Tell us about 'a day in the life of Kirsty' (our Traffic Manager)

Something I learned quickly was that Kirsty likes to get to work super early in the morning so she can organise things, check schedules for the day, see the progress made the day previous and identify any issues she needs to tackle. Then an important part of agile takes place ­- stand up - where everyone identifies what they did the day before, what they're doing that day, and any issues that exist (its Kirsty's responsibility to solve them so projects can continue on time and to budget). The bulk of her day is then taken up by JIRA, traffic management, and individual task management, i.e. making sure everything is happening the way it should be.

At the end of the day she ensures everything that needed to be taken care of that day did in fact occur, and reports back to the MD on timing, budget, and any issues that have arisen. In addition, every 2 weeks she runs sprint planning sessions, but is continually making sure these are prepared for in advance, as well as regular meetings with the team to cost up new business. She summed up her job to me perfectly by concluding that she (jokingly, but not really) spends her time constantly nagging people to make sure everyone is doing the best job they can be.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I love to read, so a lot of that. I also love going to concerts as frequently as I can, watching movies with friends and binge-watching TV shows.

Do you have a party piece or any hidden talents?

The only mildly impressive thing is that I can move my ears independent of my face.

What is your biggest achievement in your life so far?

If I'm being honest (however not very exciting), probably getting my silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. The practice walk nearly killed me. We ended up under a 'survival parachute' exhibiting early signs of hypothermia and listening to Taylor Swift to cling onto the last shred of optimism we had left... not fun but very fulfilling.

Stranded on a desert island, which three items would you take and why?

My iPod classic & earphones (does this count as 2?) ­ it has my entire music library and the longest battery life of any device I've ever owned. A really long book (self-explanatory), and if earphones didn't count then maybe a fluffy jumper for practical purposes.

Which celeb would play you in a movie?

I'd love to say Emma Watson but the similarities pretty much end at the fact we both have brown hair. And I think she might have dyed hers.

What quote / motto do you live by?

"Succeed for the ones who want to see you fail" I'm not actually sure where this is from / who originally said it.

Has your time here made you think you might fancy working for an agency in software development someday?

Yes!! I'd never really considered the differences in working for an agency before but I love the idea of it and have had such a good time experiencing the way that everyone works in separate jobs but all together to create such a good, supportive environment.

Having graduated from After Digital work experience, we're pleased to hear Jen's time with us has inspired her to work toward a career in digital. Who knows, maybe we'll be seeing more of her in the years to come. But, in the meantime, we wish her all the very best and thank her for stretching our waistlines that bit further with the tasty biscuits she left us.