Google has spent the last two years testing and improving ads in Gmail. After all of this work, Google has finally launched the official version for all advertisers; Gmail Ads or Gmail Sponsored Promotions. According to Google, email marketing “is most commonly used to build loyalty, generate awareness, drive revenue and acquire new customers and leads”.

These ads appear within the Promotions tab inside the Gmail platform itself. The aim behind Google’s Gmail ads is to serve fewer, more relevant ads, that are not invasive for users.


So how do Gmail ads work?

These type of ads have two different parts; a teaser and an extended ad. The teaser has a title of 25 characters and 100 characters for the body text. You can show a 50 x 50 pixel image and the name of the company, brand or advertiser. When a user clicks the headline a new full message will expand with further information. Users will then have the option to mark the ads as a ‘favourite’, save it to their inbox or forward the message to a friend or a colleague. Consequently, including links to an external site, an app in the marketplace or a strong call-to-action is important to achieving conversions.

An optimal way to make people click on the teaser is to incorporate a discount, special offer or a promotion in the teaser ad. Including a strong call-to-action will encourage the user to click to expand your ad.

Advertisers will pay standard CPC (Cost Per Click) pricing and it will be charged only when the user clicks on the teaser message to expand the ad. There are no additional charges when someone favourites, saves or forwards the message to someone else.

Thousands of email users but where are my users?

According to Google, “96% of adults use email and 56% of these users use Gmail as their provider”. Translating this sentence into a quantifiable number, the latest report from Google states that it has more than 900 million users worldwide. But of these users, how can you distinguish your target audience?

Google has set up different ways to target on Gmail ads to easily discover your target customers. You can target your customers, in the same way as you are doing across Google AdWords campaigns. This means that you can target them by age, gender, language, device, topics and keywords.

All you need is... Targeting.

So, “How can I make sure that all the men between 25-35 years of age are going to be interested in my product?” It is a good question and the answer is pretty simple: do not give up on targeting. Gmail ads gives you the option to segment your audience and target effectively through:

  • Targeting your own domain: targeting people that receive your emails.
  • Target specific competitor's by domain: This means that you can target all the users who are receiving an email from your competitors or for a specific domain.
  • Targeting with companion products: This is a good option if you do not want to use the previous way of segmentation and you prefer to do it by “companion” product.
  • Targeting personas by domain: Is your target customer a parent who normally visits a certain web page? You can use those domains to form a foundation for your target audience and target them here.

There are also personal and private methods of targeting such as:

  • Purchase history targeting: This is an option where you can target people who have purchased certain products online. How does Google know? This is reflected on the receipts stored in our emails. Google knows all.
  • Job title targeting: This targeting option is more complicated because you need to know the job title of your audience. This is complicated but can be really effective.

Don't forget the phone!
According to Google, “two thirds of active Gmail users regularly access their account on their phone or tablet” and Gmail Sponsored Promotions run on different devices (Android, iOS and mobile web). If you’re the type of person who always remembers ‘phone, keys, wallet’ before going out, just remember, ‘mobile’ is ‘key’ to increasing your company ‘wallet’.

Gmail ads (Gmail Sponsored Ads) is the perfect platform to reach a relevant audience who are interested in your products or services and they can effectively build awareness, drive sales and increase customer loyalty. It is one more element to implement into your digital marketing strategy making sure you are offering your services to the people who need them.

If you would like to know more about how Gmail ads can benefit your company, please get in touch with us - [email protected]