Why Waste Everything Smoking Tobacco?’, known as W-WEST for short, is Scotland’s first ever pro-choice smoking organisation, providing information to allow young people to make informed decisions about smoking. The group is ran by young people, who are made up of both smokers and non-smokers, and is funded by the NHS.

After Digital has enjoyed a long-term relationship with the group, having developed the original, highly interactive W-WEST website back in 2009. As the organisation has grown and increased the capacity of its activities the needs of its users online have also developed. As a result, W-WEST returned to trusted digital agency After Digital in 2012 to revamp the website and create a strong new online presence.

The new site features a sliding banner showing images of the group’s activities to highlight its mission and involvement in the local community. A key initiative of the new site was to create a more sociable and user-friendly experience by integrating prominent social media links and plugins. In addition, bold calls to action encourage further interaction and involvement from site visitors.

After Digital is happy to continue this working relationship and watch the W-WEST group go from strength to strength.

Melanie Owens, Health Improvement Practitioner at the NHS Smokefree Youth Services, said; “We have been working with After Digital on this project since W-WEST began in 2008 and chose to continue working with them for the re-design of the website as staff at After Digital have always been very helpful and accommodating.  The new website looks great and we are all very excited to hear the feedback from young people on how they think it looks.