After Digital is delighted to announce the launch of the new Capability Scotland extranet system.

A leading Scottish charity, offering support and key services to those with disabilities and their carers, Capability Scotland is a vital resource for thousands of people across the country. The charity came to After Digital to develop a new extranet system that would unite their extensive network of employees and volunteers throughout Scotland.

After Digital conducted extensive stakeholder research, including in-depth focus groups, to properly evaluate the needs of the extranet's users and ensure these were met in the build process. This research helped to shape the design, structure and functionality of the system, whilst placing an emphasis on accessibility.

The extranet's aim is to provide the charity's members with an efficient and secure platform to communicate on and share information surrounding services, sector news, policy changes and event updates. Central to its success will be building an active online community. To help achieve this, After Digital's team applied Capability Scotland's existing branding to generate an extranet design that streamlined with its existing website, enhancing familiarity and strengthening the charity's brand image.

Accessibility is at the heart of this extranet design, with the system reaching the highest levels of web accessibility standards. To ensure this ease of use is maintained, After Digital's team has integrated Roktalk, which allows users to convert written text into audio, edit the size and colour of text and the extranet's background, and generally better present information according to their needs. Additionally, the system has been tested with Dragon Dictate and other voice activated softwares, to ensure it performs well with a range of assistive technologies.

As the charity's members feedback on the new system, After Digital will continue to work with Capability Scotland in order to make the extranet development even bigger and better.

In response to the launch of the new extranet design Richard Hamer, Director of External Affairs at Capability Scotland, said;

"We had a pool of very strong proposals but we picked After Digital because we saw the quality of their product and were very impressed. What really made the difference however was the company's ethical and social commitment, which we saw as being in line with our ethos as a charity.

"During the design and development process the team went well above and beyond that expected of them. They are incredibly committed, as we are, to create something unique for our users. We are very happy with the end product and are already thinking about how to make it even better, obviously with After Digital's help."