After looking at a number of excellent festive campaigns from Marks & Spencer and Coca Cola, today we take a look at a brand that, although not previously renowned for its Christmas advertising, wowed us with their campaigns in 2011 and 2013 - luxury retailers Harvey Nichols!

Taking a humorous standpoint, 2011’s campaign saw the ‘Walk of Shame’ ad launched on TV and YouTube (now boasting over a million views). While the ad caused some controversy around dress size and messaging around safe sex/drinking, it was largely welcomed for the tongue-in-cheek humour it was trying to portray. Despite complaints, the ASA approved the campaign and Harvey Nichols went on to push it through digital channels including encouraging viewers to tweet their own stories via the #walkofshame hashtag. The campaign was a roaring success, helped partially by the controversy surrounding it, and set the foundations for Harvey Nichols in creating more dynamic and integrated Xmas marketing campaigns.

Fast forward two years to 2013 and we were huge fans of the Harvey Nichols #SpentItOnMyself viral Christmas ads. Termed as ‘one of the best holiday ads ever!’ this viral campaign featured younger family members giving relatives gifts from the Harvey Nichols ‘Spent It On Myself’ collection (inclusive of 47p wooden toothpick and a 95p toothbrush).

Following the release of the videos by Harvey Nichols, the hashtag #SpentItOnMyself was trending online for two full days. While this may not seem long, to be the top trending hashtag on one of the world’s most populated social channels is some achievement!

The fact that this campaign is straying from the norm (of pushing for consumers to make purchases to emulate their feelings towards somebody) makes it stand out from the crowd and explains why the viral video went on to win four Grand Priz Awards at the Cannes Lions film festival. Earning thousands of extra fans on social media, this humorous campaign based on selfishness and greed was a hit. The ‘Spent It On Myself Gift Collection’ proved so popular in-store, the range completely sold out within 3 days of launch.

Following Harvey Nichols campaigns in previous years, we are excited to see if their 2014 festive campaign can top last years! Come on Harvey Nichols, wow us!

Finally, we have also been impressed with the Famous Grouse ‘Who will you make famous’ campaign consisting of bottle personalisation throughout the festive period and efforts from Get The Label back in 2012 which utilised the hashtag #DearSanta. This encouraged customers to tweet their Christmas outfit wishlist which they could win via Twitter and the ‘12 days of Christmas’ giveaway throughout the month of December.

Of course we are huge fans of the John Lewis ads and have been wowed yet again by their 2014 ad featuring Monty the Penguin.

So, what else will the new festive season hold for us?