Hope we managed to fool you with our April Fools! If our Hipster chat got you thinking, here are our top tips for ramping up that Hipster swag...


Making your brand oh so Hipster too...

Rule 1: Be the first. Don’t ever listen to a band your friends like, eat a burger from anywhere that’s been open more than a week, or drink an amazing craft ale if it’s well heard of or ‘mainstream’. That stuff is for the trendy kids. YOU are not trendy, you are hipster chic (but subtle about it).

Rule 2: Spend money, look cheap. You need to spend the big bucks but look like you’ve been charity shopping. Get that vintage retro vibe going in your company culture with some hand crafted crates instead of coffee tables. Yeah you can build them yourself (that's a lot of hard work though), but why not get the ‘rustic’ look straight from Ebay instead!

Rule 3: This one is the most important. Yes, we have been breaking this rule, but we are ambassadors, we need to get the word out! You must never ever say you are Hipster. Words that are also banned - Edgy, trendy, cool, funky, fashionable.. big no no.

Rule 4: Don’t forget though, for really getting the hipster brand infiltrated throughout your office, you first of all need some office Hipsters to get that company culture on point. Some guidelines for hiring are:

  • Make sure they have a bike, no helmet though!
  • Ensure they have facial hair if a man or an unusual cut on top if a woman (angled fringes for example).
  • Check their iPod, if you have heard any of the songs being played in public, don't let them in! ...In fact, no, check their record collection, hipsters are so not into iPods. If they have one, it's time to say goodbye.
  • Enthusiasm isn't good. Show them a picture of some cute puppies. If it's a minimal reaction, you're golden (the output, not the puppy).
  • They should have one of the following on them at all time, preferably two - a vintage camera, a pipe, an old book, a worn in satchel, a beard comb, rounded glasses or their grannies/grandpas old sweaters.

So, are you hipster enough!? 

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