Every now and again we get asked to do something that is just not part of the normal day job. And, by in large, it's great! This month is a perfect example. Running from the 23rd until the 25th of February, we've been invited to Pamplona to join an expert panel at the Ponencias Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural 2017 to discuss 'the future of search and user experience design'.

Having recently spoken at the International Travel Summit 2016 alongside big names from Facebook and Google, it seems that the destination marketing community was quite taken with what our Managing Director, David, had to say. So, in December we were approached by the Director of International Congress on Rural Tourism to invite us out to Pamplona to join speakers from five other countries in what is described as "the most important event for this sector in the south of Europe".

travel and tourism in Spain

Now in its eighth year, the International Congress on Rural Tourism will, this year, focus on how technology can best assist in the promotion of rural destinations, whilst encouraging innovation amongst its marketing people. The two-day conference aims to stimulate important conversations amongst travel and tourism brands, thus developing the territories further and stimulating exciting new strategies.

David's talk will address the shortening attention spans and increased expectations of today's consumer, combined with considerable developments in technology. Looking at key innovations within both search marketing and user experience (UX) design, he'll provide insights in how to adapt in order to best meet user needs. He'll explore learnings from across our key digital transformation work and posit some ideas around what the future may hold.

Alongside David's talks, delegates will hear from the Planning Director of José Cuervo, an aeronautical engineer and Director General of ITH, and the Marketing Director from Norwegian National Tourism Office, to name but a few. If you're interested in finding out more, you can view the full program here.

We'll be back with a look at all the topics covered (maybe even a little in Spanish) at the end of the month. Hasta luego.