The client brief is a thing of beauty. It provides us with direction, insight, an overview of why you are seeking our help and what we can do to help. While it is just the bare bones and very beginnings of our delve into understanding an organisation and its challenges, the brief document is a valuable step for both parties in the development of the digital strategy.

The most innovative projects and best work are the products of an inspiring and open creative brief, which also provides a thorough overview of the client’s business and needs. The brief allows you to articulate what you really need, which is not always 100% the same as what you say you ‘want’.

By sitting down to compile the web brief document you are forced to more thoroughly consider what your objectives are, how you want to position yourself online and your end users’ needs. At times a brief document can help to clarify complex business processes or identify other areas of opportunity, which you perhaps had not recognised before. Furthermore, developing the web brief will involve a number of stakeholders, increasing company buy-in and gaining a number of perspectives on the core objectives. Undergoing this self-analysis process to better establish where the business currently is and where you see it being in 3, 6, or 12 months, and beyond, means that you can better implement measurable targets, to gage the final return on investment and success of the project.

With a breadth of experience spanning all sectors from private to not-for-profit and public, it is the web brief document that will help us get to grips with your unique organisation and vision. This will then allow us to come back to you with any further questions we have, identify any gaps in information and provide a rough idea of the investment required to achieve and surpass your goals. From here we can better predict the time, resources and expertise required to make your dream a reality. Your brief may also be the source of fantastic new creative ideas, triggering the identification of better ways to address issues or additional opportunities in your marketplace.

A good web brief will align your expectations with ours, thus eradicating any surprises along the way from either party and increasing the chance of a successful outcome.

So, here’s our top tips for writing an effective creative brief, which will elicit the best possible results:

  • Introduce your company, project and points of contact/decision makers.
  • Describe what has driven you to make these changes/undertake this project.
  • List your project goals in order of priority and in line with any measurable targets.
  • Outline your selection criteria - what expertise you require from an agency, any experience you’d like on similar projects, an idea of your budget and timescales.
  • Supply the details of your existing website, branding guidelines and any online strategy you have in place. This will allow us to identify how you are currently performing online and areas for improvement.
  • Identify the different user groups you want to target online - be as specific as possible.
  • Outline your user requirements, i.e. what functionality you need to satisfy your users' needs.
  • Describe any technical requirements or considerations, such as third party system integration with payment or ticketing systems.
  • Detail your system requirements, by providing a sitemap to ensure that no content is overlooked and the site is setup as desired. We may advise you on better structures but having this hierarchy in place will allow you to see what content goes where and what content is potentially missing or needing revised.
  • Give the details (name and website) of your core competitors and any keywords you currently optimise for or want to be found for in search engines. This allows our digital marketing experts to conduct informed keyword and competitor research to generate a picture of your marketplace and how you are currently performing online (if you already have a website).
  • Provide references to websites/designs/strategies that you like or are similar to your requirements, to give us a better idea of what you visualise the end result being.

Above all else we believe communication is the key to success. Therefore, the more information you can provide us with the better we will understand you and the more impressive the end result.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email if you have any other questions or would like to discuss your requirements in more depth with our team.