After Digital has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with whisky specialists Gordon & MacPhail, having developed its main website, the Generations site, the Glen Grant 60 Years Old Diamond Jubilee microsite, and now launching the new Benromach website to promote this exclusive range of Single Malt Whiskies.

The new website communicates the prestige and heritage of this premium brand, and the quality of the product. Bold use of imagery and bespoke typography accentuate the brand’s unique offering and character. Whilst intuitive design features facilitate navigation and encourage visitor engagement.

Key features include a sleek, interactive timeline depicting the art of whisky making, or ‘secret’ behind the Single Malt, and highly integrated social media. After Digital has put interaction and customer engagement at the forefront of design, with clear social plugins throughout the whisky range section, such as the ability to ‘like’, share and comment on products through the customer’s existing social networks, i.e. Facebook and Twitter. These features support increasing brand awareness and enhance the reach of the brand.

The Benromach site is an example of a whisky brand utilising a highly interactive platform, one that leads the way for more engaging and interesting web presences throughout the drinks industry.

David Urquhart, Joint Managing Director at Gordon & MacPhail, said; “The Benromach site efficiently communicates the unique nature of this range of whiskies. The clean design and functionality lends itself to supporting the existing Benromach brand image, and we are very pleased with the results After Digital has produced.”