So, it’s almost the end of January and that means it’s about time for you to cut the ‘new year, new me’ gym and diet malarky and crack out that leftover box of Quality Street you hid under your bed. Yeah, that’s right, we’ve been watching you... Or, maybe, it’s because we’ve all been there. There are snack foods perishing in sheds, attics and storage cupboards throughout the country, so let’s instead think about what resolutions may actually be practical for the year ahead.

Here, at After Digital, we’ve decided to drop the fitness fads and look at some bad tech habits that we finally want to kick. Why ditch the carbs, when we can ditch things that we actually want to ditch, right? And, let’s face it, we want the rest of the world to tackle these issues too.

So, what are we cutting out for the year ahead?

  1. Stop using the same password on all personal accounts - yes, we are fully aware that as a digital agency we should be the front-runners on not being hackable digital idiots, but, if you were a fly on the wall you’d hear just how many times our development team have slapped the wrists of the rest of us when we admit to this cardinal sin. What was your first pet’s name again?
  2. Stop leaning into the screen dammit! A lot of the time, half the office, in fact, are sitting around looking like various stages of ‘the rise of man’ in here, myself included. On top of that, we have various forms of ‘the claw’ emerging. Not a good look really. Solution? Convincing someone to give us free yoga classes? Stand-up desks? We’ll admit we’re still working on this. But, step one, is making sure we get a good tea break and leave our desks over lunchtime.
  3. Get rid of the phantom phone fear! It’s disturbing, the amount of times you see fully grown adults pat down their bodies in blind panic looking for their phone. If we’re in the boardroom, having a meeting, let’s leave them firmly at our desks, shall we? OK, some of our team need to regularly check on client social accounts. But, digital or not, the fact that an average person touches their phone almost 3,000 times a day kind of makes you want to lock it in a drawer. Then put that drawer in a safe. Then dump it in the sea. Then scuba dive to get it back because you haven’t checked your Facebook in an hour… what has become of us?
  4. Clicking ‘remind me later’ on software update alerts. This is honestly my worst habit. There’s often times when I’m sitting on my high horse telling clients how important it is to ensure you’re on the latest browser or operating system, but then upon return to my own desk, I can be found frantically clicking ‘remind me later’ on the various important updates I’m being warned about. There are more out there like me, we are an annoying part of digital society and promise to, from this day on, at least hit ‘auto update later today’ instead of ignoring it for the rest of the year.
  5. Avoid decision paralysis. Honestly, this one is ironic considering some of the main principles of UX design surround giving users’ less choice, yet more control. But, there are numerous occasions where this is having direct impact on our lives - Spending longer looking for something to watch on Netflix than actually doing the watching, trying to decide which amazing option to choose from on Deliveroo for so long that your belly is rumbling, getting a bit bamboozled in the phone shop when you are being asked about your upgrade and there are four versions of the same model to pick from. Take a deep breath. Believe in the power of user ratings and just go for it. Worst comes to the worst, you can turn off the movie, eat whatever is in the fridge or return that buggy phone. Remember, these aren’t life and death decisions… You go, Glen Coco!

These resolutions may be just as, if not harder, to stick to in comparison to your diet resolutions, but they're guaranteed to make your working day easier and more productive, giving you the perfect excuse to grab a slice of pizza at the end of the day.