So, you finally did it. You managed to run the mobile application for your company. After investing tons of time, energy and money, you eventually got the market demand you needed.

However, you’re only receiving some downloads. It seems that nobody is interested in what you offer. Apparently, mobile applications are not a ‘create it and they will come’ project.

Tips for Mobile Application Marketing

Most likely, the problem is not the application itself, but the fact that nobody knows it exists. It’s therefore imperative you market your application effectively to ensure that people are interested. In this post, we will provide seven concrete guidelines to help you get your mobile application in front of a larger audience.

Be Original

When you’re truly original, you stand a better chance of being successful. Therefore, you’ll need to do either of the following:

  • Let your app be the first of its kind (that is, let it set the pace)
  • Recreate an existing idea or app in a unique dimension

Nowadays, you might find it difficult to develop a new app or niche; the App Stores contain just way too many apps already. Therefore, it might be safer going with option two - recreating an existing idea in a unique way. So, examine the app you want to recreate. What is the weak link? How can you improve it? You’ll garner more customer attention when you add a new and unique feature to your new app. This will significantly beef up your reputation in the App Stores.

tweeting is a great way to raise awareness of your mobile application

Tweet Away

Make sure you are accessible on Twitter. It is one of several platforms that can ensure your product attracts as much attention as possible – and you don’t have to pay anything for the privilege. For your product to thrive, people must not stop talking about it. So, what you’ll have to do is to attract the necessary attention; Tweet as often as you can about your product and in as many different ways as you can.

Craft your lines in advance and create measures for convincing people of the benefits of purchasing your app. Twitter’s character allowance isn’t that much (just 280 characters), so make it quick, snappy and decide what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Include a smidgen of humour and ensure you’re not too serious while promoting your product on Twitter. Using humour and casual conversation will draw attention to your Tweets. For instance, saying “Hi guys! Check out this new hottie!” will instantly make you Twitter-trendy.

Start Blogging

Create a slick blog and start blogging, making sure you update it frequently. Blogging and social media are almost inseparable; like Siamese twins, they go hand in hand. Tech blogs and review sites are very useful tools for increased traffic as well, so ensure your product gets maximum coverage across such blogs.

Get Five-Star Reviews

According to experts at Discount Domain Names, good reviews are essential to the achievements of your marketing feats. Most people typically check reviews first, before downloading an application. Positive reviews provide the social proof you need to attract more people who might download your application.

The key is to make sure that users find it easy to use the application. It stands to reason that if your app works slowly and is difficult to use, consumers are more likely to post negative comments.

Before starting, you must carefully check the app’s functionality. Make sure it's fast, simple and easy to use before making it public. Of course, if the application has already been launched, it’s not too late to reconfigure the schematics in a way that stimulates constructive reviews.
Furthermore, I recommend making sure you request reviews. Your request for feedback will provide valuable information to help you improve the user experience. Of course, if your application is already a thriller to them, requesting a review will increase the number of positive comments you receive.

Contact Influencers

Let's face it, you'll have to work hard to effectively promote your mobile application. It’s not a one-night course. However, if you’re shrewd, you can ask others to help you achieve better visibility.

Try to reach bloggers and media members. Find influential people in your industry and talk about your application. If your product is interesting enough, they may want to review it. Encourage them to try it out and look at it again.

There are thousands of blogs from which you can choose, so try looking at those that fit into your niche. Making your application appear on a blog requires persistence, but you don’t want to be too intrusive. Give the manager sufficient time to respond before any follow-up.

youtube app marketing mobile applications

Optimise For the App Store

Another step to take is the optimisation of the app store. This will help you achieve broader visibility in the application store where your app appears. App store optimisation is similar to search engine optimisation since it makes it easier for users to find your app.

When compiling the description, be sure to use the correct keywords. You’ll need to keep in mind what people will write when they search for topics related to your application. You can even hire a publisher who can make your mobile application easier to find and more attractive to potential users.

Conducted Competitions

Finally, you should consider conducting competitions to attract more downloads. Of course, it’s necessary to ensure that the competition is relative in terms of your application and its functionality.

Here’s an example: let's say that your app helps fishing enthusiasts discover places to fish. It’s possible to organise a competition in which you give away free fishing tackle to those who enter. It may take a small financial outlay, but if enough people participate, you’ll be able to achieve an increase in downloads. Another advantage of competitions is that it becomes easier to gain exposure via word of mouth. Anyone can download your application to enter the competition, but if they like to use the app itself, they will more than likely inform other people.

Final Thoughts

Getting more people to download your mobile application is not easy. However, with perseverance, it’s possible to develop a marketing plan to attract more users who might be interested.

The suggestions in this article will help you gain more users over time, but remember - it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So, don’t stop moving and you will be successful.

Written by James Cummings