My last Stimulating Statistics 2013 blog looked at how user behaviour has changed, and continues to change online as a response to a complex and evolving digital world. In today’s blog I will explore how media consumption has changed and what this could mean to you and your organisational objectives.

Over the past few decades the media landscape has changed dramatically. The invention and widespread public use of radio and television massively altered the distribution of broadcast information and the shape of the entertainment industry. But, it was the dawn of the Internet era that has probably made the biggest impression on how we consume, and now also co-create, media in the modern world.

Let’s take a look at some statistics that really showcase how things have changed and the impact that this has had on user behaviour and consumption:

These are just a few examples of how digital has revolutionised the way we consume media and how it will continue to affect the way we attract, reach, and engage our target audiences as marketers. The overriding theme is that modern marketing is all about a 2-way dialogue, not a 1-way broadcast, and that nowadays much of the power rests with the consumer.