Our team is continually growing and we have added another lovely face to the After Digital family - it's time to say hey to Melissa Rynn, our new Brand Executive. Having worked in marketing for a number of years, Melissa has made the big move from Essex to Glasgow bringing an eagerness to grow and develop her marketing skills and we’re delighted to have her on board.

Melissa will be working with a wide range of top international clients on diverse campaigns and we can’t wait to see how she develops and hones her skills over the coming weeks and months. So, let's get to know here a little better...


What made you want to join our team?
My partner and I were making the big leap from Essex to Glasgow after he landed his dream job as a pilot. I wanted a role that made me as happy as he was.

I had a search around for companies, and instantly fell in love with the personality of After Digital (as well as a brief mention of office dogs). Looking further into the clients and doing a bit of research, I realised that After Digital was a brand I could not only bring a lot to but also grow within (something only backed up as I’ve met more and more of the team).

That all important work/life balance that can be tricky to find if you’re moving 500 miles across the country. Becoming part of After Digital has allowed me to follow my career goals, while supporting my partner’s at the same time.

Tell us more about what you did before joining After Digital.
In another life I was a *bit* of a luvvie and regularly trod the boards on stage and in short films (how I somehow avoided that Oscar nomination, I’ll never know). I was also a keen writer and got my first professional writing gig at the tender age of 18 working for the largest theatrical website in the UK, Whatsonstage.com. It was there that I discovered that, in terms of my career, writing was my bag - particularly as the online industry was only just taking wind and beginning to grow.

I continued writing as a journalist/digital marketer throughout university for several theatrical publications and made more and more contacts. Straight out of graduation (and following a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe as a stage manager), I landed the role of Chief Editor and Head of Press/PR for a start-up theatre portal called StageWon. It was here I made huge contacts and developed my writing for online, with the page eventually achieving huge views and a massive reputation for supporting emerging talent.

After leaving StageWon, I soon found my eager eyes wandering to other sectors and worked in everything from insurance to supermarket packaging design before I joined one of the UK’s largest cosmetic healthcare groups as their content editor and social media manager.

Having worked in marketing and PR, what are you bringing to the team?
I like to think I bring bags of creativity and a go-get attitude that will see me try, learn and do anything. While I spend most of my time sitting at a desk typing the weird words that come to my head, I love nothing more than interacting with people and getting to know them better - I can’t wait to say hello to a few of our lovely clients.

What do you get up to in your spare time?
In London I spent the vast majority of my free time on a packed commuter train to Essex, fighting an ever-losing battle with signal and the so-called tube wifi. Now I’m in Glasgow I’ve got more time to follow my passion for art (painting and drawing), languages (as a one-time German speaker...ich will mehr sprache sprechen), and photography (though I’m currently reliant on a trusty iPhone rather than an actual camera).

I’ve spent the last few years flying everywhere around Europe with my partner in light aircraft. Now he’s up in the sky with the big-guns and going to far more exotic places, I’m keen to try and get a private pilot licence myself...though I should probably learn to drive before that. So maybe that too.

Do you have a party piece or any hidden talents? (All the party pieces will eventually come out during Friday Fun at Four)!
I like to think I’m the queen of impersonations and accents, though moving to Glasgow has made me rethink the strength of my previously unchallenged Scottish dialect. If there’s a party involved, I’ll normally find myself pretending to be everyone and anyone, though I’m not sure if it’s a talent so much as a way to own a less boring accent. I also do one of the best Heather Small impressions you’ve (n)ever heard...but only one line of one song.

What is the biggest achievement in your career so far?
One has to be blagging my way into a role with After Digital from the other end of the country (and I’m being honest). Moving up to Glasgow for my partner, our biggest fear was compromising my own career for the sake of his. Finding After Digital felt like fate!

Prior to that, it had to be my reviewing quotes being used for fairly big shows and theatres. Building a name for yourself in a rather cluttered critical climate isn’t easy, and being recognised that way made it somehow worthwhile.

Stranded on a desert island, which three items would you take?
I’ve always had an answer for this prepared but now I’ve actually been asked it, it’s gone from my head! I guess as I’ve previously worked with dermatologists I should probably say suncream...though they can’t really tell me off now so maybe not. I’d say food to become friends with the animals, a computer with impeccable wifi connection so I could start an unusual blog, and do you think they’d be able to deliver a subscription to Virgin wines?

Which celeb would play you in a movie?
Much like our lovely PPC Exec Eva I WOULD say myself, but I discovered fairly early on in my career how awful I look on camera (definitely the reason I didn’t win the Academy Award). I’d like to say Sophia Vegera, but I neither look even remotely like her nor have an exotic accent.

Aside from marketing, what do you think you can bring to the After Digital team?
A little bit of English awkwardness - everyone’s favourite quality. 

Quote / motto you live by...
I recently made up a little (probably slightly offensive) motto that you’re either having a Beyonce day or a Michelle day. Beyonce days are powerful and successful, Michelle days are when you feel a little forgotten. After admitting I’d had a bit of a Michelle day to a friend, she replied ‘you are always Beyonce’. From that moment on I resolved to ‘always be Beyonce’. Just don’t get me started on Kelly...

We are thrilled to have the lovely Melissa join our growing digital marketing team. A newbie to the city, we can't wait to show her around some of our Glasgow haunts and welcome her to the team. Catch up with Melissa over on Twitter.