2011 was dubbed the 'year of the mobile' but that doesn't mean mobile is getting any less important in 2012. In fact, Google predicts that mobile will be even more important in the near future and as a result has created the 'How to Go Mo' site as a resource for companies looking to evaluate their current website's efficacy.

A combination of improved WiFi and 3G connections, better supported and higher speed mobile networks, and the widespread popularity of smartphones have facilitated the rapid adoption of mobile media, such as applications and mobile web (comScore, 2012). In fact, the Office for National Statistics (2011) found that 45% of all UK Internet users accessed the web via a mobile phone, amounting to a massive 17.6 million mobile phone Internet users in 2011.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - 'responsive web design' is one of the most efficient means of catering to both desktop and mobile browsing for your organisation's website. So if your visitors are coming from mobile, which for most companies constitutes at least 10% of total site traffic, you need to accommodate to this need and enhance the user experience across platforms. To help you do so Google has developed the 'How to Go Mo' tool. This tool allows users to test how their current website displays on smartphones and provides useful recommendations on areas of improvement.

The 'How to Go Mo' site also features a host of useful tips and guides to make sure you stay clued up on the best practices in mobile compatibility and browsing, and ultimately enhance your online presence. Key areas of analysis include accessibility, content rendering, usability and flexibility. If your site scores highly across these categories the user experience on mobile devices is well optimised. However, if your site fails to meet certain criteria, such as not having links that are easily navigated on touch devices or content failing to scale appropriately to the device, it will not provide a positive mobile user experience.

Test your site today by entering your organisation's URL into the "How to Go Mo Getmometer"! If you're not happy with the results then it's time to start thinking about investing in a mobile solution to meet your users' needs. Ask yourself:

  • Where are my customers coming from?
  • Have we accommodated to our visitors' browsing needs?
  • Is there an opportunity to better enhance the user experience across platforms?

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