A glass of water in Berwick upon Tweed is the same as a glass of water in Penzance.

In essence then what’s being marketed is not the product “a glass of water" but the service “a right to deliver that glass of water to the consumer (business or otherwise)". Alongside that right to deliver the glass of water comes the right to deliver water treatment, the invoice, the “savings”. In essence then it's the right to own the relationship with that business customer with everything that entails. The key then to that relationship is how they interact with the chosen water provider. At the heart of this is communication and in the current technology revolution that communication is centred around your digital landscape and strategy to use it.


Customers and prospective customers have a multitude of touch points, be they social media, the web, phone, TV, radio, events, press, blogs, forums etc. As a result, the need for a clear and deliverable digital strategy is paramount. In recent conversations with the Scottish Water Industry Commission and EDF, what is clear is that often the differentiator between this water authority or that one is that level of engagement, that level of responsiveness, that translation of "We care about our customers” into communicated action that is felt.

This then is where the value add for any business customer lies, a value add that can be compelling enough to make them switch or to stay? A value add that appeals as much to the emotional as to the logical. What’s been seen across the energy sector is that competition breeds innovation and with digital the engine that drives that innovation. The smart use of Data, allied to great comms, clear messaging and a revitalised culture of "customer delight".

The deeper impacts felt internally are that digital transformation is a way to “lean” your organisation, to reconfigure focus into customer satisfaction and an on “Always on” mantra that sits customer centricity at the heart of your organisation.

With our years of experience working with EDF and the Scottish Water Industry Commission, After Digital are ideally placed to offer knowledgeable support to your digital roadmap as the B2B water market opens up in 2017.

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