In my first day at After Digital, if someone told me I would get to spend a day at Google’s Manchester HQ, I wouldn’t believe it. How could I expect to go to a training day at the office of one of the most famous companies? But, on Tuesday I went along to the Google offices in Manchester and it was as amazing as you could imagine. They do say the most wonderful things in life happen when you least expect them.


I was in front of the door to Google. I wondered why there weren’t a lot of people if this was an event but one more step and I had cross the line to Google. I chose the first place I saw and with my biggest smile, I introduced myself to the people next to me.

Google HQ Manchester


Training session started. “Ok. Types of keywords. I know them. This is easy” I thought at the same time as I burnt my tongue with the hottest tea I’ve ever had. When I took the next sip my tea was cold and after checking the time I realised it was 11:45am! We had been chatting about ads, keywords and bids for almost 3 hours - as my mother says, time really does go fast when you’re having fun!


We have had a one-hour lunch break to recover, take a walk, eat some of the delicious Google Partners mini-muffins - not only do they look amazing but they taste even better! After a quick bit, it was time to prepare for taking the exam.

Google Manchester HQ


Before the exam, we took a quick review again and finish reviewing the theory. I haven’t taken in as much information since… well since I can remember! I was prepared for it and I did it!

Spending the day at Google was a great experience. I wasn’t expecting such a fun day or to take away so much from the day! I head back to the office on Wednesday equipped with my Google Partners notebook full of new ideas and strategies to implement in our campaigns. It was a very Google day!