Starting in 2010 three of Glasgow’s major colleges – Central College, Glasgow Metropolitan College and Glasgow College of Nautical Studies – underwent a significant merger to form the new City of Glasgow College. As a result, the college turned to After Digital to create a new students’ association website, which would support a growing and diverse student body.

Officially launching in November 2010, the college is one of the largest further education institutes in the UK, with around 35,000 students currently attending. Representing this vast student body and recognised by NUS Scotland as the ‘College Student Association of the Year 2012’ is the City of Glasgow College Students’ Association, more commonly known as City SA.

City SA approached After Digital in need of a completely new online presence. The new website needed to be clean, intuitive and user-friendly, enhancing accessibility for students from a range of backgrounds and with varying needs. Built on a flexible open source CMS, the site provides City SA with easy integration of multimedia and social media sharing capability, in order to engage students and encourage interaction.

Integration of the ATbar boosts accessibility by allowing users to manipulate site content in terms of size, font, colour, overlays, background and even text-to-speak functionality. This provides a wholly more personalised experience and supports users who may not have their assistive technologies to hand.

After Digital is pleased to support the City of Glasgow College in its ongoing journey and growth into a leading British further education institute.

Gavin Quinn, Student President at City SA, said; "After Digital has absolutely hit the nail on the head with our website. We were looking for an attractive, easy to use website that engages our students and that is exactly what we now have to offer. The team behind creating the website made the journey an enjoyable experience with their great enthusiasm, knowledge and can-do attitude. Our new website adds another dimension to our publicity and thanks to After Digital we now have a website to be proud of."